To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Sister Ship: Rosa dos Ventos

    Context. We pulled into St. Mary's on day 2, tail between our legs, licking our wounds. It's warmer than Charleston, but still right cold. 4°C, I think. We'd really like to go ashore and hike around, but, we found dinghy problems.

    Anchored at 30°46.255′N 081°28 …

  • Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous 2018

    Another year of fun and sharing! There's a lot we can learn from other sailors with the same boats and a wide variety of experiences. An important lesson from this year is how long it takes before we're talking about the ship's head. (For non-sailors, read "toilet.")

    Sunset at WRSC
    Whitbys at the …

  • Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous 2017

    When we bought Red Ranger, we bought more than a boat. We bought a family. This year's rendezvous involved six boats at the West River Sailing Club dock, and almost 30 people in the various presentations.

    CA put together an epic program and party.

    Our trip up on Sunday was …

  • Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous 2016

    D16 1653
    D16 1653 ""

    CA does it again. A wonderful meet up. Useful information. Fun parties. Good boat visiting. Generally great weather.

    IMG 1847
    IMG 1847 ""

    From left to right: Allegria, Red Ranger, Shooting Star, and Alembic. Two of the boats (Red Ranger and Shooting Star) are local to the Chesapeake. The other two …

  • Whitby Rendezvous 2015

    CA did it again. Another wonderful rendezvous. Food. Friends. Fellowship. Fascinating Stories.


    We had only two Whitby's at the docks. The nor'easter and Hurricane Joaquin intimidated many of us, keeping folks away from the West River Sail Club docks.

    Here's a summary of what we did:

    Monday 5 …

  • Clever Menehune Solution

    We'll call this the "Menehune Modification" to the Whitby/Brewer fuel tank vent issue.

    For non-sailors the essential issues are these:

    • Your boat has some fuel tanks. Red Ranger has one. Sister ships have as many as three.

    • A fuel tank needs an air vent. Fuel going in will displace …

  • Whitby-Brewer Rendezous

    When we bought Red Ranger, we didn't realize we were buying an entire family.

    1. We tried to sail to Galesvile, had a number of problems. We sailed back to Deltaville, got in the truck, and drove to Annapolis.

    2. Did not attend.

    3. A really great trip.

    4. Another really great trip.

    5. CA …

  • Some Goodbyes

    Today three Whitbys (and a Beneteau) started from the Bahamas. Without us. <sniff/>


    Joie de Vivre, Dream Ketcher, Creola and `Tis Good are on their way across the Gulf Stream. Weather today is pretty sporty, but the wind is out of the S. Wind that goes with the Gulf …

  • What are the odds?

    What are the odds of seeing other Whitby folks in cars at the corner of 27th and South Dixie Highway.

    Actually, remarkably high. We don't get that far up 27th all that often.

    On Thursday, we were up there so we could take the train to the modern art museum …

  • Cruiser's Meetup

    Sunday night, 16:00 Dinner Key Picnic Pavilion. Great early-evening potluck dinner with some of our neighbors here in the mooring field.

    It's not a standing date.

    In some cruising communities there are regular meetups. Maybe it's a potluck. Maybe it's a local bar. In places like St. Augustine it's …

  • Miami Connections

    This seems a little weird. Maybe it's not as weird as it seems. After all, this is Miami; a giant city. But it isn't. It's really Coconut Grove, in Dade County, a small part of Greater Miami.

    I called the local West Marine to look for starter solenoid (Cole Hersee …

  • Whitby Rendezvous Miami

    Back in October, the Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous Group decided to have a Rendezvous South. It was great. Small but great.


    We had five crews in attendance: Indefatigable, Joie de Vivre, Red Ranger, Dream Ketcher, and Simbi.

    What makes a good Whitby-Bewer Rendezvous? Besides enthusiastic owners, of course.

    1. An associated event …

  • Vero Beach Coffee

    Cravings. Coffee (good coffee!), Power, and Wi-Fi. A short hop from the beach in the posh resort section of Vero Beach. This appears to be called Ocean Side.

    It's a pleasant 1+ mile walk from the marina. Perfect.

    Good, fast Wi-Fi helps with our passage planning. We're looking at the …

  • Vero Beach Rendezvous

    There's a standing Thursday night party here at the Vero Beach City Marina. Fabulous. We got to meet many of the cruisers who are staying at Vero. Some are leaving soon to get south ASAP. Others are leaving eventually.


    And more are showing up, too. Today, for instance, we …

  • Whitby Rendezvous — JAX

    The BIG rendezvous has traditionally been in October in the Chesapeake.

    However, since CA is now the president of the rendezvous for this year, she'd like to see more rendezvous in more places.

    Voyager II, Creola, Red Ranger, Joie de Vivre, Hold Fast
    Voyager II, Creola, Red Ranger, Joie de Vivre, Hold Fast

    What are the key ingredients? Whitby/Brewer …

  • New Year Jobs

    New Years Eve: Red Ranger, Creola, Joie de Vivre and Voyager II. Pizza, a little champagne. Whitby 42 talk. I waved the camera around, but didn't even get half the group. Rick got some better pictures, I'll try to post them.


    CA has washed just about the entire deck …

  • Whitby Rendezvous Day 4

    Anchored: Tenthouse Creek. 38°50.862′N 076°32.403′W

    Cleanup the clubhouse. Say goodbye. Wait around for the weather, using the Wi-Fi here.

    Our host kept the sailing club open for us to wait out the wind and rain. We could take showers. It was delightful to hang …

  • Whitby Rendezvous Day 3

    Started: West River Sailing Club. 38°50.74′N 076°32.33′W

    Anchored: Tenthouse Creek. 38°50.862′N 076°32.403′W

    Distance: 272 yards.

    Today's Topics: Pets and Bermuda, Software, Marathon and Boot Key Harbor, Maine, Lessons Learned.

    I spoke randomly on blogging.

    IMG_0741 ""

    More importantly, was …

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