To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Year 2, Week 3: The good and the bad

    Guests over the weekend. Took Red Ranger out into the Bay and bashed around a bit to be sure things are working. So far, so good. Rigging all stood up. Sails worked.

    sailing in deltaville 2.jpg
    sailing in deltaville 2.jpg

    Since we're leaving soon, I can't start anything big, which is a good …

  • Back in the Water Again

    Looking almost good. Almost.

    ✔ We're afloat. ✔ New paint. ✔ New chainplates. ✔ Fixed up woodwork. ✔ New Solar Panels. ✔ New Anchor Snubber. ✔ New bilge pump plumbing. ✔ Restitched Yankee.


    About that drip. And the Propane.

    At some point last year, CA noticed that our bilge pump had run.

    On some boats the bilge …

  • Year 2, Week 2: Finishing Up

    We're ready to paint. That should only take about a day.

    We're ready for the last six of our chainplates to be made. The mainmast is complete. All ten of those chainplates rebuilt, the rig tensioned as best I could reset it. The six mizzen chainplates are still pending.

    We …

  • Sanding

    There are two schools of thought on sanding the bottom.

    • Do.

    • Don't.

    We've read a bunch of material on the "do" approach. The paint itself says this.

    "PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: In Good Condition: Remove loose paint by sanding with 80 grade (grit) paper, wipe with Special Thinner 216."

    We've talked …

  • Wax On; Wax Off

    I think we've got an acceptable coat of polish on Red Ranger's hull. It's not really great. The boatyard folks can lay on a great finish. But. It's better than the finish has been in a long time.


    You might be able to see the line in this picture …

  • The ‘Stash Issue

    The ICW ‘stash is a common problem.

    IMG_1752 "The ICW ‘ stash"

    In this picture, you can see that brown wave-shaped area in the bow.

    There are lots of suggested remedies for the ‘stash. Here are a few.

  • Year 2, Week 1: Haulout

    Started our second year living about Red Ranger by hauling her out of Jackson Creek.

    IMG_1754 ""

    And washing her for the first time in—at least—two years, maybe closer to 30 months.

    IMG_1744 ""

    Of course, we had barnacles everywhere. And "soft growth" (algae) that was right thick.

    So far …

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