To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Ph. VI, day 14, Safe Cove

    Tied To Dock. 26°52.3529′N 082°14.0032′W.

    This was a "Sphincter-Clenching" day.

    We started by deflating Scout and removing the head sails. Easy things to do at anchor when there's not a breath of air moving.

    Headsails Struck Below
    Headsails Struck Below

    Anchor Drama

    The Rocna anchor would not …

  • Ph. III, day 19-20, To Jensen Beach

    Getting from New Smyrna Beach to Jensen Beach was a job and a half.

    While the passage had its share of challenges, let's begin at the beginning.

    Anchor Up

    This was not a lot of fun. It was about 90 minutes of dangerous, heavy labor. And the root cause wasn't …

  • Southbound Phase III, Day 4-5, New Life

    We had some problems. Some we solved, some we didn't solve. We had some disputes; they're resolved now. I think.

    In the morning, I found that when the dinghy's fuel tank is COLD, it doesn't leak. So we started the day by going ashore. We do love Cumberland Island.

    CA Birding on Cumberland Island
    CA …

  • Charleston Time

    We're not going anywhere until February.

    Time for sight-seeing and general post-passage relaxation.

    C37AC5B0-A84C-47C9-8676-7385348CCC89 ""

    Time for home handicrafts.

    FD41724D-3F89-4AE3-BE7D-EA0AE8DB2DEB 1 105 c
    FD41724D-3F89-4AE3-BE7D-EA0AE8DB2DEB 1 105 c

    This is the Bruce "Claw" anchor that broke loose at sea.

    This is not how it was secured then. This is new.

    I've got three points of contact …

  • More Home Handicrafts — Three-Strand

    D40C8F54-BD07-4FEE-A75B-60C6AE8F1BB5 1 105 c
    D40C8F54-BD07-4FEE-A75B-60C6AE8F1BB5 1 105 c

    I'm slowly getting the hang of some of the rigging jobs.

    Here's my version of a "Shackle Splice". It's a Crown Knot and then the tails are buried under four turns of the line.

    The splice is (clearly) bigger than the line. It's bigger than the …

  • Bottom Paint, Topside Wash & Wax

    Here's everything we own in the world: boat and truck. It's so rare to see it so close together.

    7E807741-1531-476E-B767-632EB099AA6D 1 105 c
    7E807741-1531-476E-B767-632EB099AA6D 1 105 c ""

    (Okay, there's a mattress and a few boxes of things at Diane's. Except for stray bits of junk, like the camera I'm holding, this is it.)

    0ADCC7F5-A55A-4B7E-BFEB-7DC0CE9A5323 1 105 c
    0ADCC7F5-A55A-4B7E-BFEB-7DC0CE9A5323 …

  • The Water Tanks

    See Water Tank Replacement for some back story.

    We've started taking steps. This involves radical destruction.

    First, get the anchor we've never used up and out of the bilge under the V-berth.

    0740F791-4045-43F4-9E26-6F48C722EC6D 1 105 c
    0740F791-4045-43F4-9E26-6F48C722EC6D 1 105 c

    We didn't even know we had this anchor until we'd owned the boat for …

  • It was cold — we fixed things

    Broken Bar Door
    Broke the plastic catch, lashing it shut

    Two weeks ago, I broke the catch of Red Ranger's bar.

    Thus lead to much swearing. And this clamp-and-webbing catch.

    The clamp holds the webbing. The webbing holds the bar.

    It's a shabby necessity. A "jury rig."

    There are two choices. Replace …

  • Home Handicrafts — Seizings

    CA cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned.

    It rained much of the weekend.

    I managed to drill out four screws and remove one of the mast steps to make it easier to put on a sensible sail cover. There's more to report here in the long run. For now, let me …

  • The Thing from Below the Foredeck

    We're tortured by The Thing from below our foredeck.

    Darkness on Deck
    The Dark Malevolence

    Like a malevolent toad, squatting on deck, it stares at us in the cockpit.

    In rare moments of lucidity, my partner's gibbering includes claims it rose from the chain locker, smelling of charnel horrors, and cold as the …

  • Cambridge and the Autopilot

    The West River Sailing Club cruising group ordinarily has a half-dozen cruises throughout the season. We were away, living in Nevada for some of the sailing season. With a pandemic, a cozy get-together is not a great idea. So, a cruise was a surprise.

    Some folks from the club decided …

  • Some Firsts

    The West River Sailing Club Autumnal Equinox cruise involved a number of firsts for Red Ranger. It's difficult to count the number of firsts we enjoyed.

    The first of the firsts was visiting Harrison Creek and Dun Cove. This is about two miles north of Knapp's Narrows. It's quiet, and …

  • Anchor Locker, Ground Tackle, and Silt

    The bottom of the Chesapeake involves silt. A lot of it. Anchoring in silt is kind of fun. You barely have to think about it. Except, of course, for the silt that stays with your anchor chain.

    When we first started sailing down here, we heard an old salt explain …

  • Stowage

    We used to carry two spare anchors on deck. We have two on the bowsprit, ready for use.

    Two Anchors
    The anchors we're not using in the bottom of the lazarette

    Yes, that's four anchors. If we need to stay put, we can.

    On the left is a CQR. ("Secure", get it …

  • Answers to some little questions

    We had two "events" on the way North.

    1. The chain looks really cruddy. Flakes of metal are coming off. Not a good look for chain. The question is "Exactly what kind of chain is it?" The difference in measurements between ⅜" HT, ⅜" BBB and 10mm chain is tiny. And …

  • Fireworks and the return

    Once we finished fixing the various things that needed fixing, we could do what we planned to do in Norfolk. Nothing. The trip back was eventful and a bit more delightful than the trip down.

    The fix list from the trip down was reviewed in "Running down to Norfolk." Here's …

  • Welcome To The Ditch

    Started: Bonner Bay, 35°09.61′N 076°35.65′W, ICW mile 159.

    Anchored: Alligator River, 35°40.49′N 076°03.50′W, ICW mile 99.

    Log: 50 mi. Time: 9¾ hr. Engine: 9¾ hr.

    The day started with an odd squawking or shrieking. Likely a bird in …

  • Gimli the Windlass


    Yesterday we dismounted the windlass to check out it's internals. CA says it feels like it's "grinding" or "rough".

    We took off the four huge bolts that secure it through the deck.

    We took off the dozen 10mm bolts that hold the bottom in place.

    What greeted our eyes …

  • Visitors and Jobs

    Our friend Chris — from way back in the hazy past of high school — stopped by for the day. He was in Florida for a bunch of family-related things (weddings and some vacation and stuff.)


    Nothing more helpful than a steady, extra pair of hands to work on a fiddly …

  • Week 38: Annapolis V: "Progress"

    Currently, Red Ranger should stay anchored at 38°58.586′N 076°28.415′W, Severn River, Annapolis, MD. We're near the end of our wait for a dodger. After several weeks of essentially nothing, suddenly a lot of stuff is happening. All at once. Some good. Some bad.

    Due …

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