To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Ph. III, day 47, Dinghy Propane

    Here's the interim solution for a propane canister on the dinghy.

    If we had a hard floor of some kind, we wouldn't need to be so careful. But with an inflatable floor, we need to keep sharp (or potentially sharp) metal objects away from the dinghy.

    Like This:

    Propane Fuel Can
    Propane Fuel …

  • Ph. III, day 45, Solutions

    Today was the day.

    1. Old engine out.
    2. New engine in.

    We don't have a car. So, this was complicated. CA prepared a minute-by-minute plan.

    09:00 Stage the old stuff on the dock

    Old Outboard
    Out with the Old

    10:00 Call for an Uber ride to a U-Haul place in Stuart …

  • Ph. III, day 36, Stuart

    Nothing much going on here.

    I've cleaned out the pile of Tohatsu/Nissan spares.

    Box of Parts
    Tohatsu/Nissan Spares and Parts

    We remain docked at the Harborage marina in Stuart. 27°12.702′N 080°15.451′W. Slip J-38.

    We placed an order about a week ago for a motor and …

  • Ph. III, day 31, Stuart

    It's crowded. And noisy. But. Secure and we can walk ashore. It's not what we had hoped for, but it's really helpful.

    Red Ranger at dock
    Red Ranger In Stuart

    Docked at the Harborage marina in Stuart. 27°12.702′N 080°15.451′W. Slip J-38.

    Ready for food and showers.

    Then, tomorrow …

  • Ph. III, day 29, Problems

    We had a pile of problems today. Problems stack up from small to large. A kind of inverted pyramid of trouble. This left us feeling discouraged.

    Jensen Beach Mooring Field
    Red Ranger Surrounded by Whitecaps

    Problem 1

    Today's problem #1: it's rough. The Jensen Beach mooring field is exposed to the East and South …

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