To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Gimli the Windlass


    Yesterday we dismounted the windlass to check out it's internals. CA says it feels like it's "grinding" or "rough".

    We took off the four huge bolts that secure it through the deck.

    We took off the dozen 10mm bolts that hold the bottom in place.

    What greeted our eyes …

  • Some Momentos

    Check this out. It's 8.5" x 11" — a full page of letter-sized paper.

    Dramatic Red Ranger
    Dramatic Red Ranger

    The city of Green Cove Springs has some kind of officious streak that causes them to issue this kind of document when you use the public pier.

    So, what do you do with …

  • St. Augustine

    Started: Marsh Island, 30°23.74′N 081°30.41′W

    Mooring: St. Augustine Municipal Marina, #26, 29°53.30′N 081°18.44′W

    Log: 38.0 nm. Time 6½ hr. Engine 6½ hr.

    Last of the Sweet Potatoes. CA bought a bushel. A bushel! of potatoes from the …

  • Week 30: Another Whitby Rendezvous

    Friends First.

    We're going to rendezvous with some other Whitby folks here in St. Augustine.

    Last winter we had five Whitby's in St. Augustine. This week, we're expecting to have four Whitby's in St. A.

    Meanwhile, we'll do some chores and plan our big maintenance tasks for the summer:

    • Dodger …

  • Week 21: St. Augustine To Key Biscayne and Beyond

    Big trip South. Followed by big trip East. After almost two months of not moving an inch, we've moved hundreds of miles south, followed by a hundred or so miles east into the Bahamas. Parts of the trip were a piece of cake: the weather along the Florida coast was …

  • Week 20: St. Augustine Final Week

    Time to finalize the provisioning for our trip south.

    Starting to watch the weather more carefully.

    Starting to put stuff away. We've been leaving things laying around; it's time to start stowing things for our offshore passage.

    28th. Monday.

    Moored at 29°53.03′N 081°33.15′W, St …

  • Week 19: St. Augustine Exit Planning

    Time to provision for our trip south.

    Enjoying the time being spent here, also. Here's a picture of all five Whitbys in St. Augustine. Thanks Creola!



    21st. Monday.

    Moored at 29°53.03′N 081°33.15′W, St. Augustine

    Showers. Shopping …

  • Week 18: Family Visit

    We're off Red Ranger, visiting family. No cruising updates this week.

    Except, of course, for the fact that we left the boat in Saint Augustine and flew to Las Vegas.

    Cruising isn't all sitting in cool anchorages or mooring fields. Sometimes, it's hanging with our kids, celebrating CA's birthday and …

  • Week 17: St. Augustine Still?

    We can hear it now: "What is wrong with you people? You said you were going south to exotic locations. Sunny beaches, the tropics. All you seem to be doing is sitting in the river at St. Augustine, going to Yoga or just hanging out."

    Yep. Cruising appears to be …

  • Week 16: St. Augustine New Year

    Not a bad place to celebrate another holiday.

    We're in the same waiting mode. Once our daughter is settled in her new home in Las Vegas, we can visit her, and then start moving south again.

    We need to get water, diesel and propane before we go. We're waiting for …

  • Week 15: St. Augustine Christmas

    Not a bad place to celebrate the holiday.

    The weather is often in the 60's and 70's. Some nights, though, are cold.

    Once our daughter is settled in her new home in Las Vegas, we can visit her, and then start moving south again.

    24th. Monday.

    Moored at 29°53 …

  • Week 14: St. Augustine, Still

    Periodontal recovery for the next few weeks. St. Augustine seems like a pretty nice place for that kind of thing.

    The Commodore Says: "It's St. Augustine; everyone seems to stop here."

    The weather will continue to hold in the 60's and 70's. Except for a few cold days.

    17th. Monday …

  • Week 13: St. Augustine

    We've got a bunch of chores to accomplish. Parts to order. Things to fix.

    Plus, we've got to have some periodontal issues looked at. This means surgery and recuperation. The good news is that St. Augustine seems like a pretty nice place for that kind of thing.

    Hopefully, the weather …

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