To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Southbound Day 27

    We're glad we decided to wait one more day in New Bern.

    The wind is still from the N and cold. But it has moderated from Gale force and Storm force down to simply a cold wind. There are only whitecaps in the river under the gusts.

    2B4BD47A-360A-4FC4-BD98-BE760311148C 1 105 c
    2B4BD47A-360A-4FC4-BD98-BE760311148C 1 105 …

  • Southbound Day 26

    Last dock day, we think. Here's the river whipped to whitecaps by the wind. It's blowing in the 30's, gusting higher.

    1EE4BBC7-84B6-4C08-BF46-F854E27F5A13 1 105 c
    1EE4BBC7-84B6-4C08-BF46-F854E27F5A13 1 105 c

    I'm not used to seeing rivers with whitecaps rolling down them.

    But the wind is blowing straight down the river, providing maximum fetch to create …

  • Southbound Day 25

    Tied to a dock, with shore power, listening to the wind howl.

    9657ADE9-3FA9-4555-8F62-23D280F61450 ""

    I prefer to be at anchor in high winds. We have really good ground tackle. It does, however, mean we're trapped the boat. We're not up to playing dinghy in high winds.

    But. I also prefer having …

  • Southbound Day 24

    Tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday have a forecast of rain. More than that really. We're looking at this forecast for Zone AMZ137:


    FCD7C2A7-0CD7-4DFD-AE63-456B9108F8D4 1 105 c
    FCD7C2A7-0CD7-4DFD-AE63-456B9108F8D4 1 105 c

    That's alarming.

    The whole RED-ALL-CAPS styling really adds to the sense of impending doom.

    And …

  • Southbound Day 23

    Too windy (and cold) to do anything. Rain was expected. So we stayed put.

    F7D1F3D1-7A19-43BA-B4F2-03E0B890B56B 1 105 c
    F7D1F3D1-7A19-43BA-B4F2-03E0B890B56B 1 105 c

    Counting the days between today (Thu4) and this forecast: "Stiff N wind becomes milder Mon8 with a HI nudging offshore. The HI completely collapses wind Tue9-Wed10."

    We're going to try to do …

  • Southbound Day 22

    Starting our fourth week of this cruise with a few more days of waiting for weather. Here's the latest from Marine Weather (MWXC).

    "Stiff sailing along the coast Sun7, becoming milder Mon8. Motoring Tue9."

    This Tuesday thing appeals to us. The NOAA Marine Forecast doesn't quite reach that far into …

  • Southbound Day 21

    Weather Watch in New Bern. Having fun going into town.

    Not having fun with the dinghy. The floor can no longer be pumped up. The hole got bigger through lack of attention. The floor is a rubber bag at this point. I think it can be repaired. I'm secretly hoping …

  • Southbound Day 20 - November 1

    Watching the weather. Carefully.

    Chris Parker says "An extended travel window may open behind the second offshore low pressure system Sun7-Mon8 as a HI shifts offshore".

    We're sitting still until then. We expect stinky weather Friday and Saturday. "Showers return to coastal areas Thu4 with scattered squalls persisting offshore; Widespread …

  • Southbound Day 19

    Coffee Shop WiFi!


    Posh lunch joint with fancy wait-staff!

    More yay.

    Lovely walk around town.

    Even more yay.

    B43EB33C-06A5-4F07-9FF7-E764B1FBC52A 1 105 c
    B43EB33C-06A5-4F07-9FF7-E764B1FBC52A 1 105 c ""

    We're killing time waiting for the weather to turn nasty. Anchor remains fixed near 35°6.1884′N 77°1.9218′W.

  • Southbound Day 18

    New Bern. The tangle of bridges and marks here is pretty crazy. We have many bars of AT&T connectivity, so we think we can synch our various photo albums, Kindles, and cloud storage.

    We'll be waiting here, we think, for almost a week. The weather outlook is great for …

  • Southbound Day 17

    Today, amongst other things, we endured a lot of wind. A real lot. Plus rain. The forecast is gusting to over 30 all day and into the late night hours. We may have seen gusts to 40. We're rocking and rolling all over the place. The anchor is holding, and …

  • Southbound Day 16

    Belhaven was pleasant. Very small, and also very alive.

    The trip down the AIWW from Belhaven toward Oriental is perhaps the prettiest section of this journey. Did I take pictures? No. It's difficult to capture in a single image.

    The Pungo river starts out wide; one could consider sailing down …

  • Southbound Day 15

    Belhaven Marina. It's very small, and a very narrow fairways. Great amenities.

    0E04EC90-C311-4EAC-A78D-A44A9F82B8F0 1 102 o
    0E04EC90-C311-4EAC-A78D-A44A9F82B8F0 1 102 o


    Did I mention that the fairway's narrow?

    Bigger boats have to watch the wind and tides to make a clean getaway. We're hoping for light air tomorrow so we can get out. It's …

  • Southbound Day 14

    We've gone, it seems, almost nowhere. We're anchored a few miles past SM 135 on the AIWW. Norfolk is SM 0. We've taken 7 days to go 135 miles. Not quite 20 miles per day.

    Beaufort is near SM 205. We're about ⅔ of the way there. It may actually …

  • Southbound Day 13

    Another Jammie Play Day while waiting for weather.

    We did essentially nothing. The hook stayed buried at 35° 40.4927′N, 076° 03.4876′W.

    The weather wasn't awful during the day. It did rain. But the wind remained relatively light.

    I worked on some software. And read. A lot …

  • Southbound Day 12

    Manteo is a lovely vacation place, with a delightful town, and a terrible anchorage for a big boat. Shallow Bag Bay is well-named. It's shallow.

    This has a strong contrast with the Deep Point at the south end of the Alligator River.

    While I could find 7′ of water coming …

  • Southbound Day 11

    There are tricky anchorages and there are ill-advised anchorages. A bad anchorage transcends mere trickiness. And, there are dumb-ass approaches to ill-advised anchorages, which is where we are today.

    Looking back at the start of this journey in "2021 South-Bound, Phases I and II", this was not on our plan …

  • Southbound Day 10

    Jammie Play Day!

    The weather promised showers later in the day. We have no reason to press on into the rain. Liquid Therapy will be at Manteo on Roanoke Island, tomorrow, the 23rd. We can wait here and join them tomorrow.

    7DE00197-0ABD-4F1F-B73C-0CE6E5AEC102 1 102 o
    7DE00197-0ABD-4F1F-B73C-0CE6E5AEC102 1 102 o

    We played quietly all day …

  • Southbound Day 9

    We had anticipated hellacious (gusting over 20kt) wind today. But, this morning, the weather forecast was for moderate wind today, and the hellacious stuff was pushed back to Thursday night and into Friday.

    This means we can cross the Albemarle and try to find an anchorage behind Durant Island. This …

  • Southbound Day 8

    It's a long day from Great Bridge to North River. Three lift bridges, lots of other boats.


    Here's the 08:00 bridge opening. From there, we have ½ hr to the Centerville Turnpike bridge. Then an hour to the North Landing bridge.

    Then it's about 4h 18m to Coinjock …

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