To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Inventory Reduction 3

    The apartment is almost empty.


    The U-Haul U-box Pod was packed and shipped yesterday.


    CA's meticulous planning worked out perfectly. Everything fit into the pod with barely any space left over.

    The two (heavy …

  • Inventory Reduction 2

    We're down to the final week of land-based living.

    The. Final. Week.

    The "I ♥ New York" room was cleared out, along with one of the cars.
    That was the first major phase of the Inventory Reduction.


    The next major phase is the …

  • Inventory Reduction

    Part of moving aboard is ditching the things we don't need. Some of the decisions are difficult. Using the "Purgatory" model seemed to help us distinguish between needs and wants.

    Moving from upstate New York to Norfolk, VA, was a dramatic downsizing. We sold our 3BR 1.5Bath 1800 sq …

  • Snow

    We had our "No Thank You Helping" of snow.

    Tom, on Monday Morning, somewhere near Daytona, FL, posted that it was 30° down there.

    We did a few jobs on the boat and fled back to our apartment.

    Maybe next weekend we can get some things done.

    Other than shivering …

  • DreamTime

    Aboriginal Australians have a concept of dreamtime during which creation happens. It seems to make sense: we dream, we create a vision, we focus our actions around that vision. The hard part is keeping on course with your vision.

    There's no end of management folderol about the essential importance of …

  • Xmas Gifts

    What everyone wants for Christmas: home handicrafts to play with. Some sailboat hardware is like playing with Legos or a picture puzzle.

    Red Ranger's lifelines are (as far as we know) original equipment, dating from 1981. They're vinyl-coated wire rope, a potential corrosion nightmare. See Standing Rigging Basics, for …

  • Some Creature Comforts

    Creature comforts include things like food and light and a comfortable bathroom.

    After the Painful Fridge-ectomy, we've decided on something like an Engel MT60 Combi fridge. Preserved food, cold beer and ice are some creature comforts.

    Next up: the cooker. The door for the oven on our HilleRange is falling …

  • The Painful Fridge-ectomy

    We never used the Crosby refrigerator on Red Ranger. Why? We never seemed to need it.

    The Crosby was a classic piece of ultra-heavy-duty gear. Red Ranger has an 8 cu. ft. fridge enclosure and an immense 6 cu. ft. freezer section. (Compare with this; what would you do with …

  • Holiday Gifts 2 - Light

    We're slowly replacing the old incandescent lighting with more efficient LED lighting. Two dead fluorescent fixtures were replaced with Aqua Signal "Maputo" lights. They look like fluorescent fixtures, but they're really just long strings of LED's.

    The nearly useless light over the galley sink will be replaced with a light …

  • Plastics and Brightwork. Again.

    Back in October ("Plastics vs. Brightwork") I started removing the toe-stubbing teak from around the aft deck lockers. Hurricane Irene indicated that it may be part of the leak into the aft cabin. After busting up the wood, we had to fill all 56 screw holes with epoxy.

    Then wait …

  • Holiday Gifts 1 - Cold

    One of the great gifts from our kids was good reading material for the boat. The Oxford Press Very Short Introduction books are a delight. Well written. Small format. Another great gift was a West Marine gift card, good for lots of boat goodies. (There were more... magazines, coffee, tea …

  • Non-Boat Weekends

    We're in the middle of a string of off-the-boat weekends. Sigh.

    Visiting the family in Texas for the Commodore's father's 81st birthday. (Happy birthday, Bill!)

    Visiting our kids in LA (Los Feliz, really) for a Pan-Holiday celebration that includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali, Nevada Day, and (perhaps) even more holidays …

  • Moving Day

    That's Fawkes at Hospital Point. The picture doesn't portray the gusty and choppy water. Monday Morning was just astern of her. Folks are on the move south.

    Except, of course, for us. We moved about a quarter of a mile NNW to a new apartment. Sigh.

    We didn't make the …

  • Dismal

    The waiting is hard.

    Red Ranger is still in the shed. It's only been two weekends. For a while, we were really pushing hard to get jobs done. There's an exhilaration -- an adrenaline rush -- to diving into a list of jobs.

    When the list is finite and within one's capabilities …

  • Patience, Hard Work, Perspective

    Frustration is having a long job list and icky weather. Coping with this can be tough.

    We spent the summer busting a hump: painting, repairing, packing.

    We moved and we had to get organized, find our way around, "get settled". Maybe 5 or 6 weeks.

    Then a quick boat shop …

  • "That's Brave"

    The Hampton Roads Geocaching Group had a meetup last night. We said we were n00bz and were out to meet other folks in the area. So we went to this pot-luck dinner at some random church.

    During dinner, one of the cachers asked us who else we knew. We knew …

  • Bookkeeping

    Epic snow. Cabin Fever.

    We're fidgety because there was no hands-on boat work this weekend. There's much to do, but we couldn't get to the marina; roads are closed. The Chrysler Museum of Art, for example, didn't try to stay open in this icy, sloppy mess.

    For my friends up …

  • Home Office

    New Furniture arrived at the Team Red offices this afternoon. No more $45 folding tables from Staples (which aren't available anymore). We're moving up to real AnthroCart tables.

    The instructions have "helpful assembly tips" I wish the tips included these.

    • Stop drinking at least an hour before trying to assemble …

  • Jonesing

    The Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal connects Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound. This is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway ("The Ditch"), which connects Norfolk, Virginia, to Brownsville, Texas.

    The ditch starts near buoy #36 in the Elizabeth River, about a half-hour walk from our place.

    Above is the Atlantic Yacht …

  • Cruise Ship Destinations

    Not a great picture, but, just over her head you can see the stack of a Cruise Ship. It's the Carnival Triumph, departing Norfolk for the Bahamas.

    So, folks pay top dollar to go to cool sea ports in a cruise ship. I live in a cruise ship destination? How …

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