To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Center Fuel Tank

    I think — or perhaps I hope — I've solved a serious problem. I have a theory about diesel fuel in the bilge.

    Last winter, a hose clamp for the deck drains failed. The winter rains and snowmelt poured into the engine room, and the deep bilge. It froze. The pump broke …

  • That Leaky Hatch & Chartplotter Issues

    CA with hatch lens
    CA with the hatch lens

    First, and most important, the main saloon hatch leaked. But, there's also this issue of preserving data from the old chart plotter. You know how some projects just spin out of control? Those are the projects that tend to dredge up historical artifacts.

    Here's the …

  • Rigging and Cleaning

    We're getting Red Ranger ready for the summer. This means a thorough cleaning. It also means answering the questions like "What's this?" and "Why do we have it?"


    It also means looking at the work done (and not done) over the winter.

    First. The duck.

    Yes. That's a duck …

  • Ready for Company


    Step 1: Clean everything. This means everything must come out of the locker it was in.

    The locker must be scrubbed.

    In some cases, the things from the lockers must be scrubbed.

    And then aired out for a week before going back into the locker.

    When we moved …

  • Port lights

    Some time in 2015-ish era, CA was closing the aft port light and the clamp that screws it down hard against the gasket failed catastrophically. I can't find the picture, put the metal failed, leaving the hatch not fully closed and — consequently — dripping onto the aft berth.

    Here's the link …

  • Fixing or Removing Things That Broke

    If you don't really need it, then you work around it when it breaks. The Commodore Says, "If you're not using it, get rid of it."

    Here's how my Epifanes finish is coming along.


    I'm pleased. You can make out the reflection of the shade cover on the …

  • The Wave Stopper Dodger

    We bought a Wave Stopper Dodger from Canvas Creations. It's quite a bit like having a hard dodger, but it's held on with screws and steel pipe just like a canvas dodger. It's a brilliant hybrid solution that offers many benefits of a hard dodger without the complex installation.

    IMG_1391 …

  • Hatchboards, Epifanes, and Brightwork

    I have no clue about Epifanes. Really. Zilch.

    But I have a can. And some "brush thinner." And some foam brushes.

    I've got sandpaper in 60, 80, 100, 150, and 220 grit. And a sanding block that grips a ¼ sheet of sand paper nicely.

    And I've got woodwork that's …

  • The Leaks

    After replacing the chainplates, we have not been able to get the deck totally watertight.

    We've been applying liberal volumes of various goos: mostly Boat Life Caulk.


    Yes, it discolors a little. It bonds to almost everything (excepy polyethelyne). It makes a durable, watertight seal. It's not wonderfully flexible …

  • Plastics *vs*. Brightwork

    Above: teak from the starboard ("hazmat") deck locker next to the port ("propane") locker. The blue tape hides 28 screw holes. Which is better? The no-teak look? The teak frame?

    Back in March (Befores and Afters) we pulled a plug of soft adhesive out of a significant hole in the …

  • Rigging, Phase 1

    There's nothing that induces despair so completely as a job that cannot be done.

    Case in point. The windlass mounting. This was a cause for despair.

    To handle the immense anchors (and attached chain), you need some mechanical advantage. This is what a windlass is for. We have a lovely …

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