To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Celestial Navigation Baby Steps

    We have a sextant on Red Ranger.

    I think it might be adjusted properly. The index error appears to be 6.8′. I fiddled around with the mirrors a little and got a single view of the Sun through the various sunshades.

    On the way N from Norfolk to Deltaville …

  • Norfolk Harbor Fest

    Wait! There's more!

    That's a guy with Rocket Pants. You've heard the Elton John/Bernie Taupin song: "Rocket Pants, burning out his fuse up here all alone."

    IMG_2653 ""

    Raftups. Lots and lots of raftups. This one grew to over a dozen boats.

    IMG_2656 ""

    And the "Tug Busting" wrassling among the …

  • Norfolk Harborfest Parade

    Viewed From The Water!

    Wow! It's a spectacle from shore. But from the water — listening to channel 72 where the safety boats converse — was a riot.

    IMG_2624 ""

    I'm sure that the fireboat crews call it "training" not "playing with the super-high-pressure equipment."

    IMG_2629 ""

    Summertime has officially arrived in Hampton Roads …

  • End of an Era

    We've finally struck our old colors and replaced them with new.


    The old flag served us well for several years.

    It made Red Ranger easy to find because it was a big flag.

    The end of the flag, however, took a beating against the backstays.

    You can see where …

  • Portsmouth North Landing

    Red Ranger snuggled into the North Landing.

    IMG_0854 ""

    We've moved about 700 hundred yards from Hospital Point. Lighthouse Inflatables is working on Scout. Jeremy has a theory that maybe some of the MEK they used to clean up the excess adhesive might have gotten under the patch.

    We've said hello …

  • Ripped Out Her Stitches

    Scout came back from the dinghy doctor on Friday.

    With some difficulty, we pumped out Red Ranger's holding tank. The wind was blowing directly off the pier. The pumpout area is bounded by two gigantic dolphins. Instead of easing up to the dock at a gentle angle, we have to …

  • Yet More Norfolk Views

    We've been enjoying Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck at the Chrysler Museum. It was a Major Social Event™. There were crowds in front of the museum for the duck's entire residence. Hofman created a really fun sculpture, and I'm glad the Chrysler could host it.


    Of course, when it's time …

  • Scout's at the Dinghy Doctor

    While waiting for Scout, we tackled two jobs.

    The aft deck sunscreen.

    IMG_2583 ""

    When we had the dodger and bimini made, CA asked Dan at Wavestopper Dodgers to add some extra zippers in the bomini. She made the starboard-side sunshade which zips onto the bimini and provides ample cooling shade …

  • Art Installation

    Not on Red Ranger.

    In The Hague. Yes — for folks not from Norfolk — that body of water is called The Hague or sometimes "The Hague Inlet."

    IMG_2569 ""

    Yes, that's a giant rubber ducky.

    IMG_2573 ""

    No Crabbing or Fishing, but what about Ducking?

  • Our "Closet" Space

    CA sent this picture of our "closet" space on Red Ranger.

    We have hanging lockers, which are like closets. But we also have bins underneath the various berths and settees.

    Here's one of the bins under the aft berth.

    IMG_0035 ""

    Yes, that's three cases of Ranger beer in Red Ranger …

  • Ouch, Travel

    We've moved about 700 yards from our anchorage in the Elizabeth River to the dock and Waterside. From 36°50.61′N 076°17.93′W to 36°50.63′N 076°17.49′W.

    Why spend money for a dock when anchoring is (largely) free?

    Scout. Red Ranger's trusted …

  • More Norfolk Views

    The Elizabeth River and the Norfolk waterfront.

    A cute little yawl that sailed by yesterday.

    IMG_0830 ""

    Today we fixed the fuel tank sender. Instead fo complicated math, the fuel gauge works again.

    Also, we saw this, today.

    IMG_0838 ""

    That's some kind of big Navy ship being pushed up the Elizabeth …

  • Norfolk View

    Nauticus Sailing in the Elizabeth River.

    IMG_2544 ""

    You can see from the reflections on the water that conditions were super calm.

    Yesterday, going ashore, we met four sailors we knew. And waved at some others we'd seen in the ICW heading north. It's amazing to continue to run into folks …

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