To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • One Retrospective on 2021-2022

    This seems to be the list of waypoints....

    Location Lat Lon Distance Time Notes Timestamp
    Herrington Harbour 38°46.276′N 076°33.843′W
    Mill Creek 38°19.788′N 076°27.080′W Distance: 26.9nm Time: 5h 0m Engine: 5h 0m
    Maintenance: 65.0gal.
    Piankatank River …

  • Reflections

    12 years ago...

    Chesapeake Eagle in the shed
    Red Ranger (before her name change)

    We'd bought a boat back in December. We'd fiddled about a bit in January and February.

    Now, it's march, and she's going into the shed to have the foredeck (and some other places) rebuilt. Water had intruded and rotted the balsa …

  • Boating Later in Life

    See Seeking Advice. Add this to the question.

    "My current thinking is to play around in the Caribbean again for a while then perhaps over towards Central America. Pleasure boating experience is nil. Some deck experience when on the Navy ships."

    Important self-reflection on boating experience being nil. That's central …

  • Friends and Boats

    Brought some friends — David and Bo — along to move Red Ranger from West River back down to Herrington Harbour.

    Bo and David
    Bo and David sailing down the bay

    They'd never seen Red Ranger before, and hadn't fully appreciated how much boat she is.

    The winds were light, and — of course — on the …

  • DreamTime

    Aboriginal Australians have a concept of dreamtime during which creation happens. It seems to make sense: we dream, we create a vision, we focus our actions around that vision. The hard part is keeping on course with your vision.

    There's no end of management folderol about the essential importance of …

  • Forming a New Tribe

    Having conversations with folks on the subject of opening new chapters in their lives. Maybe we're just sensitive to the topic. It is wonderful to hear people's reflections on their lives and their directions. Changes, new things, old things. Some folks worry about what they might lose. We found that …

  • The Buyboat—Chesapeake History

    Once upon a time, the Chesapeake was purely a waterway. Roads didn't go far from the water. It was easier to get to Baltimore or Tangier island than it was to get to Richmond. Much of the commerce in the Chesapeake was handled by "buyboats" like the F. D. Crockett …

  • Documentation, Part II

    Documentation is officious nonsense; there is a lot of documentation. What -- precisely -- is the point of a "Documented" vessel? Primarily, the USCG agrees to recognize our name. They agree so strongly that they assign a number as a surrogate for the name. That's right. The privilege of documenting your vessel's …

  • Dreaming of the New ‘Hood

    "Stone Soup Today" -- a blanket invite to everyone hanging around the marina. "Stone at 5, Soup at 6" is the small print at the bottom of the sign. (Ishky Baha is Gaelic, "water of life", from which we get the English word Whiskey.)

    CA was cruising the boatyard, looking at …

  • Bookkeeping

    Epic snow. Cabin Fever.

    We're fidgety because there was no hands-on boat work this weekend. There's much to do, but we couldn't get to the marina; roads are closed. The Chrysler Museum of Art, for example, didn't try to stay open in this icy, sloppy mess.

    For my friends up …

  • Visiting; Going Home

    It's only been about three months, but things change. We moved October 1st, '09. Three months later, on Martin Luther King day of 2010, we went back to the old stomping grounds.

    MLK day -- celebrating human dignity and skiing -- what a combination. How this? Letting justice roll down like waters …

  • Cool Quote

    Dana posted this on Facebook.

    "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman

    I think that describes what this "boat thing" is all about.

    Appropriate for this …

  • The Process

    It seems so sudden. We moved to Norfolk at the end of September. We're closing a deal on a boat in December. We're doing wire transfers of large piles of money.

    First, this took us several years. We'll look at that first. Also, this will involve an alarming amount of …

  • Another Karmic Bond

    In The Karmic Bond, we noted three connections.

    • Months ago, Wayne L. told us to look at Whitby's.

    • There was this peculiar moment of Jonathan calling me while I was standing outside his office.

    • Jonathan showed us the Whitby before we knew to ask about it.

    We noted another. The …

  • The Timeline

    When did this start? Let's leave out the distant past -- Family Learn to Sail on Lake George in 1997 and events like that. That's too long ago and too shrouded in the mists of recollection to be very interesting.

    Let's look at the immediate past. The packing-up and moving-out past …

  • The Karmic Bond

    It's hard to know what the "perfect" boat might be. And it's hard to know what price to put on that boat. Pricing is almost impossible unless you buy and sell boats on a regular basis. For mere civilians like us, how can we know what to offer?

    Who do …

  • Because We Are So Loved

    On the way from Niskayuna to Norfolk, we stopped to visit a friend since high school, Robert, and his wife, Diane. Diane said that when she left Texas to move to NJ, her brother was angry with her for leaving.

    We talked about reasons for leaving, and we could see …

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