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Team Red Cruising

The Wave Stopper Dodger

We bought a Wave Stopper Dodger from Canvas Creations. It's quite a bit like having a hard dodger, but it's held on with screws and steel pipe just like a canvas dodger. It's a brilliant hybrid solution that offers many benefits of a hard dodger without the complex installation.


The polystyrene plastic is under some stress and can crack. We talked with the folks at Canvas Creations about this. When they had work in Deltaville, they added our dodger to their plans.

[Important: we also talked with the boatyard to add them as a proper boatyard contractor. This allows them to work there without getting into trouble with management.]

They welded the crack shut. And they told us to replace the plates that hold the dodger on the steel. They sent us a box of these new plates that reflect a change in the design.

We unscrewed the old plates and installed the new ones. The sizes appear to be nicely standardized, so there was no real question about orientation. The new plates have more plastic outside the screw holes, making them more durable.

That was an unexpected level of support for their product.