To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Looking at Launch Day

    We're focusing on April 10th, 2024.

    If all goes well, we're bound to arrive Safe Cove Marina on that day.

    We've got about three intensive days of commissioning before launch. (I'll share the list, don't worry.)

    Then we'll need to spend a some time at their dock, where the potable …

  • Leap Day Planning

    As noted in Looking at the future, it's time to start dreaming again.

    For this year, the Gulf Coast of Florida is our aspiration.

    Getting out of Charlotte Harbor would be pleasant, if we can do that.

    I've updated my planning charts to include the Bahamas (for next year) and …

  • Looking at the Future

    It's time to start arm-chair sailing again.

    Our stay in Texas is drawing to a close.

    The sailing season is slipping away from us. It's December to June, more-or-less.

    We think it shapes up like this...

    Sailing Season

    Drive from NC to Florida.

    Clean and launch Red Ranger. Safe Cove …

  • Bottom Paint Alternative

    From a friend:

    (They're not a boater, but they're interested in preserving our planet.)

    Interesting. Leaving a note here for future me to look at in two years.

    Right now, we're hoping to spend maybe a month in …

  • Outings

    On Red Ranger every day is an "outing". We more-or-less live outdoors.

    Hawk on the wing
    Hawk on the Wing

    Life ashore is a bit different from life afloat. The primary difference is our level of self-sufficiency. Red Ranger is a boat with which we're very, very familiar. The house we're living in is …

  • Ph. IV, day 12, Boot Key Harbor, More Pix

    We're (still) moored on ball K-9 (at 24°42.250′N 081°05.550′W) in Boot Key Harbor.

    CA took this picture of me, aloft.

    Me, up the mast
    Me, up the mast

    It's real work getting up there.

    Planning the work to make sure you have the right tools is hard.

    And …

  • Ph. IV, day 9, Boot Key Harbor

    We're (still) moored on ball K-9 (at 24°42.250′N 081°05.550′W) in Boot Key Harbor.

    CA at Work
    CA at Work

    Looking Back

    It's time for a brief recap of the past few months and (about) 1,000 miles of cruising.

    Let's roll the clock back to October 13 …

  • Ph. IV, day 6, Boot Key/Vaca Key

    Our fourth Island-hopping "day sailing". (Ugh. Again. Not actually sailing, the wind was almost on the nose, so it was a 5-hour motor.)

    Boot Key Harbor
    Boot Key Harbor

    We're moored on ball K-9 (at 24°42.250′N 081°05.550′W) in Boot Key Harbor. It's between Boot Key and Vaca …

  • Ph. III, day 45, Solutions

    Today was the day.

    1. Old engine out.
    2. New engine in.

    We don't have a car. So, this was complicated. CA prepared a minute-by-minute plan.

    09:00 Stage the old stuff on the dock

    Old Outboard
    Out with the Old

    10:00 Call for an Uber ride to a U-Haul place in Stuart …

  • Ph. III, day 44, Stuart

    Having a wonderfully low-key time in Stuart.

    CA inspected the hose clamps. Which means lifting each cabin-sole board and reaching down with a tool to see if they can be tightened even a little. Any rusty ones are my problem to replace.

    The USCG rules for fire extinguishers have changed …

  • Ph. III, day 40, Stuart

    Nothing much going on here. Still.

    CA washed down the toe-rail with ammonia. It's a once-a-year job to keep the teak clean.

    Toe-Rail Washdown
    CA scrubbing the toe-rail

    The idea here is to keep the teak clean so it can "silver" naturally. There used to be Cetol finish on the rail. It …

  • Southbound Ph. III, day 10, Waiting

    Waiting for weather in New Smyrna Beach. Weather is pleasant. Anchor is holding.

    Safe Anchor Screen Shot
    Safe Anchor Screen Shot

    This is the SafeAnchor app on the iPhone. It shows about 60' of movement between where I marked the anchor and where we are. In the SW corner of the circle, there's a …

  • Southbound Ph. III, Day 6, Fuel Tank Ickiness

    The dinghy's name is Scout. Scout's original fuel tank was pretty beat up.

    Dinghy Fuel Tank
    Dinghy Fuel Tank

    The tank was ancient — came with Red Ranger almost a decade ago — which means some of the plastic had started to crack. And other bits and pieces were starting to fall apart.

    The …

  • Sister Ship: Rosa dos Ventos

    Context. We pulled into St. Mary's on day 2, tail between our legs, licking our wounds. It's warmer than Charleston, but still right cold. 4°C, I think. We'd really like to go ashore and hike around, but, we found dinghy problems.

    Anchored at 30°46.255′N 081°28 …

  • 2021 Southbound Phase III, Version 4

    Yes. I know it's 2022. But our Red Ranger seasons work from May to May, so we're in the 2021-2022 season.

    (And. Phase III? Yes. Phase I was get to Charleston. Phase II was leave the boat for a long time to take the train to California. Phase III is …

  • Midship Cleats

    Upgraded our mid-ship cleats.

    5E949426-4DCF-46E1-8BE6-EE805935AECA 1 105 c
    5E949426-4DCF-46E1-8BE6-EE805935AECA 1 105 c
    49638240-85F4-4D8D-B53E-C72D90BF684D 1 105 c
    49638240-85F4-4D8D-B53E-C72D90BF684D 1 105 c

    Here's a picture of one of the old 6½″ cleats.

    Good for ½″ line. Rock solid.

    You can see the new dock line behind the cleat. It's ⅝″ and you can't really make a proper clove hitch around …

  • Brave New World

    This isn't our first rodeo. We lived aboard in 2012 and 2013.

    Great experience. The 2012 year, in particular, everything was new. We had a million questions and asked everyone. Lots of people gave us much needed advice on how to live on a small boat in a big ocean …

  • Charleston Time

    We're not going anywhere until February.

    Time for sight-seeing and general post-passage relaxation.

    C37AC5B0-A84C-47C9-8676-7385348CCC89 ""

    Time for home handicrafts.

    FD41724D-3F89-4AE3-BE7D-EA0AE8DB2DEB 1 105 c
    FD41724D-3F89-4AE3-BE7D-EA0AE8DB2DEB 1 105 c

    This is the Bruce "Claw" anchor that broke loose at sea.

    This is not how it was secured then. This is new.

    I've got three points of contact …

  • The Starter

    Mr. Lehman's starter has been getting flakier and flakier. We've put up with it for a few years now.

    You push the starter button and "Click". Nothing else. Just "Click".

    Last time we went anywhere (see "Got off the Dock") there was a sequence of five pushes to get the …

  • The Topping Lifts

    Topping lifts hold up the end of the boom. It's expected to hold the boom up for years and years and years. It's kind of important. And no, I did not make a mess of them. They've always been a mess.

    The topping lift keeps the boom up when there's …

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