To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Repair Updates -- Many Things Completed

    Many things are completed. Not everything, but, many things.

    New Paint
    New Paint

    Here's the painted hull.

    The boar on the top of the starboard-side winch coaming has been replaced by the carpenter.

    The picture shows the dodger is still laying across the front of the cockpit.

    We're waiting for the canvas …

  • Starting 2023

    Cthulhu Waiting To Consume Mankind
    Cthulhu Waiting To Consume Mankind

    Where are we at the start of the year?

    Waiting for some repairs to Red Ranger.

    Traveling through New Mexico. This is in Carlsbad Caverns.

    Here's how I figure out what week we're in.

    >>> from datetime import date
    >>> start = date(2021, 10, 20)
    >>> today = date …

  • Cross-Country Tour, Week 5

    We're not on the boat. Nor are we in our hurricane-season hide-away near Asheville, NC.

    On October 20th, we loaded the truck and started west. Some places are bivouac locations, other places are proper destinations. Catch up on mail. Do some birding.

    • Week 1
      • Oct 20 - Mount Juliet, TN (near …

  • Cross-Country Tour

    It's been about 54 days since Hurrican Ian. We have a mechanic, a canvas company, and a carpenter working on things. While Red Ranger is getting fixed, what have we been doing?

    We've been seeing our kids (and grandkid) on the west coast.

    And -- of course -- seeing the west coast …

  • Repair Plan

    It's been about 6 weeks (45 days) since Hurrican Ian.

    We've been righted.

    Main Saloon
    Main Saloon

    The batteries are plugged in and the pumps have run, so there's minimal water in the bilge. The dehumidifier is standing over the galley sink, so the interior is unlikely to be mildew hell.

    We've …

  • Death

    We all have family.

    Family members die.

    It's inevitable.

    If sailors are lucky, their family members die with a kind of foreseeable order. Few things are as painful as burying your own children. We're lucky.

    There are endless anchorages, sunsets, and glorious days at sea. All of which involve a …

  • Post-Ian Cleanup

    It almost goes without saying that hurricane damage is widespread. Repairs are sometimes difficult and expensive.

    The pictures we see from the height of the storm show wind and rain and crashing waves. Sometimes the weather channel will show palm trees bent almost double.

    Pushing a 23,000 pound boat …

  • Post-Ian Interior Chaos

    We have questions, of course. A lot of questions.

    Earlier today, Red Ranger was put back up onto her stands.

    Our friend Scott (of Joie de Vivre) took some more pictures for us.

    Main Saloon Chaos
    Main Saloon Chaos

    A great deal of the interior looks like it may be in good shape …

  • Thank You, Scott

    CA asked if we had closed the dorade vents.

    We closed up Red Ranger back in June. It's hard to recall exactly what we did.

    I reminded CA that there's a "close up the boat after haulout" checklist. What did that say?

    The answer: Remove dorade wind-scoops and screw in …

  • Baby Steps

    We didn't learn anything new yesterday. (Not surprising, really.) We're still stuck with this:

    Safe Cove Devastation
    Safe Cove Devastation

    We were sure that the millions of people who endured Hurricane Ian would all have property and casualty claims for every insurance company on God's green Earth. We figured this would mean waiting …

  • Hurricane Ian Aftermath

    This appears to be a new chapter in our journey. (As a writer, I'm deeply aware that you don't really know until after the events spin out whether this is a chapter or an anecdote.)

    Here's our happy picture of Red Ranger in the boatyard.

    Red Renger in the Slings
    Red Renger in the Slings …

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