To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • Death

    We all have family.

    Family members die.

    It's inevitable.

    If sailors are lucky, their family members die with a kind of foreseeable order. Few things are as painful as burying your own children. We're lucky.

    There are endless anchorages, sunsets, and glorious days at sea. All of which involve a …

  • Fawkes Rendezvous

    Let's review, shall we?

    2009, December. Team Red purchases the old Chesapeake Eagle and renames her Red Ranger.

    2010, Spring. We write huge checks to fix the deck and the rigging and make a few important upgrades. We learn about the "marina lifestyle": it's okay to stop and chat. Indeed …

  • Connectionalism

    The Whitby 42 S/V Sinbad is heading south. Randy and Diane are headed—I think—to Trinidad to wait out hurricane season.

    The 45' Dolphin ketch S/V Fawkes is heading south, too. I know a little more about Dave and Nancy's itinerary—but not much more. Sailors are …

  • Blogroll

    CA shares this:

    This was posted in the Women Who Sail group on Facebook — some of them she'd already found.

    Another interesting group seems to be Women and Cruising.

    /Users/slott/Documents/iWeb/Domain …

  • Non-Boat Weekends

    We're in the middle of a string of off-the-boat weekends. Sigh.

    Visiting the family in Texas for the Commodore's father's 81st birthday. (Happy birthday, Bill!)

    Visiting our kids in LA (Los Feliz, really) for a Pan-Holiday celebration that includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali, Nevada Day, and (perhaps) even more holidays …

  • Friends and Friends of Friends

    Dave and Karin and Kyle are visiting the Hampton Roads area.

    Of course, we took them for a day sail on Red Ranger.

    And they brought their friends Hans and Ruth. So we had seven on board, and things worked out perfectly.

    Winds were from the SE at 5 to …

  • Meeting New People

    Lon said "I liken sailing to making music on the water. The two for me are inseparable." Lon followed his comment with an invite to hear Dramtreeo in Reedville on July 23rd.

    Let's review our tangled social network.

    • Lon's a very active Whitby owner. We met him at the …

  • Forming a New Tribe

    Having conversations with folks on the subject of opening new chapters in their lives. Maybe we're just sensitive to the topic. It is wonderful to hear people's reflections on their lives and their directions. Changes, new things, old things. Some folks worry about what they might lose. We found that …

  • Visiting; Going Home

    It's only been about three months, but things change. We moved October 1st, '09. Three months later, on Martin Luther King day of 2010, we went back to the old stomping grounds.

    MLK day -- celebrating human dignity and skiing -- what a combination. How this? Letting justice roll down like waters …

  • Because We Are So Loved

    On the way from Niskayuna to Norfolk, we stopped to visit a friend since high school, Robert, and his wife, Diane. Diane said that when she left Texas to move to NJ, her brother was angry with her for leaving.

    We talked about reasons for leaving, and we could see …

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