To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Whitby-Brewer Rendezous

When we bought Red Ranger, we didn't realize we were buying an entire family.

  1. We tried to sail to Galesvile, had a number of problems. We sailed back to Deltaville, got in the truck, and drove to Annapolis.

  2. Did not attend.

  3. A really great trip.

  4. Another really great trip.

  5. CA is now "Coordinator" for the Rendezvous. But. Since I have a new day job it's not a brilliant idea to take two weeks off to sail up to Galesville and back to Deltaville. So we drove.

Two weeks?

Well. It can be done in two long days. If the weather is perfect. If we were lucky enough to have this perfect weather, we could leave Saturday and arrive late Sunday night. If, however, there was any kind of less-than-perfect weather, we'd be late.

In order to run the meeting, we do need to be there on time. That means leaving plenty of time to get there including waiting for weather to change.

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This year we had seven boats, just shy of 50 people. Presentations included:

  • Ford Lehman engine topics (and any other diesel power plant) with Bob Smith of ADC, Kilmarnock.

  • Wifi issues. Intereference is the norm, and will only get worse.

  • Refrigeration design and refit for Island Time. BTU's matter: properly size the compressor and evaporator.

  • iPad navigation from Gerry O'D. Some of the best choices to use your iPad as backup chart plotter and voyage planner.

  • Mark and Diana Doyle's "Frugal 50" list from OTW Chart Guides.

  • The state of the web site.

  • Life-raft demo: John C. pulled the rip-cord on Menehune's old life-raft.

  • Cruising Stories from Janus.

  • The Cruise Director's problems and solutions from Island Time: comfort is easy even in a tiny boat galley.

  • No-Spill Fueling solution from Menehune. Reroute the vent line! The long run to the transom is a terrible idea. Route the vents above the fillers using the starboard hanging locker and the port lazarette.

  • Boat Paperwork.

  • Status of Wick and Monique's refit.

  • The story of Allegria's broken shaft: have a puller, have a surface-supplied SCUBA, don't panic. It can be done without a haul out. The the root cause analysis included a discussion of a failed engine mount on Allegria, Island Time and Dream Ketcher. Check your engine mounts!


Visiting with the Whitby-Brewer family. Boat tours. Shared meals. A quick business meeting. A delightful three days of boat fun.