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Team Red Cruising

Custom Tailoring 3—We Have A Weeper

We think we installed the stays'l tracks "by the book". Drill and Fill. Goo and Screw. See Custom Tailoring 2—Adding Stays'l Tracks.

During the light (but steady) rain on Saturday, I checked each screw carefully for drippage.

Sadly, we have a weeper.

The good news? The water is going all the way into the cabin; not leaking into the core.

The bad news? Water is getting into the cabin.

It's not much water. But it won't get any better without some repair work.

We hope to avoid rebedding the track. It's not that it's extremely difficult or messy. But it's just one of thirteen screws.

We're going to try and rebed just the one screw and see if that helps. If it doesn't, we can easily unscrew them all, scrape up the polysulfide and do the job again.