To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Year 2, Week 10: Wrightsville Beach Excitement

Waiting for weather. Except for the laundromat issue, this is a great place to wait for weather.

Today's Excitement? There's good and there's bad.

First, the bad.

One of the boats anchored near us had dragged their anchor. Greg from Serenade calls it "Bumper Boats in a Blow."

The more secluded part of the anchorage (to the N) has a fairly hard bottom. It took us two tries to get set.

The more open part of the anchorage — S of the channel — seems to have a softer bottom. It's also deeper in places, requiring some searching to find a shallow spot.

We're anchored in 12' of water, about 2' above low tide. The full range of the tide here is almost 5'. So we'll be in 15' of water at high tide and 10' at low tide. More or less.

That means a minimum of 100' of anchor rode. For us, that's the whole chain. After that, we threw in another 15' of the rope that's bent to the chain.

The boat that appeared to have been dragging has also left the N anchorage. At first, we thought they were heading in the S anchorage, too. Thankfully, they're not. We're hopeful that they're at a marina where they're less likely to cause any damage in the coming bad weather.

Music Night

The good news is that Greg from Serenade knows a bunch of folks here in Wrightsville. Over at Seapath Marina, specifically, he knows some folks who have an irregular jam session.

Greg's a bass player, so I brought the uke and the bass, expecting to play relatively little bass and more uke.

I was able — for the most part — to keep up with most of the songs. The songs where everyone puts the capo on the second fret is a struggle on the ukulele. On the bass, it's a piece of cake: I've learned lots of ways to play bass parts that transpose easily. But for the uke, it involves real thinking to transpose into new keys and new chords. And since I don't know very many chords, it did get awkward.