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IMG 5864
IMG 5864

In the southern bay, (below the Potomac) winterizing is a good idea. It hasn't frozen hard there in years. The recent polar vortices may change that.

In the northern bay, however, the creeks do freeze.

This year, we did the following.

Six gallons of anti-freeze went into the sea-chest. We have a special hose fitting and a bucket just of this job. This was used to pump water to the head, the deck-washdown, and the galley sink on the raw-water side.

We ran the engine to force antifreeze throughout the raw-water cooling.

We pumped most of the water out of the fresh-water tanks and opened the filter so it wouldn't get cracked by ice. We did not drain everything in the freshwater system. We suspect that we can get by because (a) the plumbing is PEX tubing, which is forgiving and (b) we don't have months of sustained freezing. Just February. And it warms up during the days.

We didn't carefully drain each sink's supply line. And I didn't carefully drain the freshwater deck sprayer. Maybe next weekend. Or the weekend after.

The bottom paint is a mess. Photos to follow.

A good deal of the shaft zinc, however, was present! This means that the zinc fish being used to drain excess current is working to preserve the shaft zinc. That's great news.

CA has a large list of tasks for next year. I've got a shorter list. New zinc. Botton Paint. Deck Drain Hoses. Leaking Hatch. Electronics.

The "Boat on Weekends" leaves too many jobs undone or partially done.