To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Titusville North

Started: New Smyrna Beach/Sheephead Cut, 29°01.65′N 080°54.93′W

Anchored: Titusville (N), 28°37.83′N 080°48.44′W

Log: 28.5 nm. Time: 5 hr. Engine: 5 hr.

Great visit in NSB with some more friends who date back to high school. Breakfast, shopping, lunch, movie, dinner. They had to head N yesterday. We waited out the rain before we headed S today.

Today dawned clear. Then fog filled in. Aggressive fog. The kind of fog that's itching for a fight, and doesn't want to be messed with. Really low-down mean fog.


We had been pottering around below decks, getting ready to start. I popped up, started the engine and then realized that the fog was building. And building. It got so dense we couldn't see ¼ mile. By 0930 it had burned off and we could see to navigate.

By 1500, when we dropped the hook in Titusville, the weather was gorgeous! 26°C (almost 80°F) on the boat. Cumulus clouds portend rain later tonight. For now, we opened up every hatch to try and reduce the dampness somewhat. The combination of wintery weather and rain leaves the boat damp. The chainplate openings which leak are — of course — an even bigger problem: they leave puddles of standing water in the aft head shelf.

Now that it's warmer, I can apply some more goo to those openings with a reasonable hope that the goo will set up properly.

Tomorrow, we'll hang around Titusville. CA uses Yelp to locate the things we want to see. Things like Breakfast. And Wifi. And maybe a bar in which to watch the Super Bowl. Maybe. That involves a longish dinghy ride late at night. We'll look over the bar alternatives first.

Monday, we'll chug 37 miles from Titusville (ICW 877) to Eau Gallie (ICW 914.) Then 37 more miles should put us in Vero (ICW 951.)

We might have skipped Titusville and pressed on to Cocoa West (ICW 897.) That makes two 50 mile/8 hr days between NSB and Vero; it would get us to Vero sooner. But why? Titusville seems to have coffee shops, too.


Attribute Value
Depart Started: New Smyrna Beach/Sheephead Cut, 29°01.65′N 080°54.93′W
Arrive Anchored: Titusville (N), 28°37.83′N 080°48.44′W
Log 28.5 nm.
Time 5 hr.
Engine 5 hr.