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The Cribbage Board Repair

Well over sixty years, I wandered around while my dad, grand-dad, and uncle played Cribbage, drank beer, and smoked cigars.

CA and I have taken to playing a game every day. It's a quiet time together before we dive into reading (or writing or knitting or whatever

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F0974B6D-55AC-4226-98D9-3590930428EF 1 105 c

CA's dad, Bill, made us a Cribbage board back in maybe 1974 or 1975. Yes. We've known each other for close to 45 years now.

Bill drilled out 186 neatly-spaced 11/64″ holes. This is the diameter of Lite-Brite™ pegs.

As you can see from the picture, we dropped the board and snapped off four of the pegs.

We didn't try to buy four pegs. They're usually sold in bags of a few hundred. We don't know any kids who need (or would share) Lite-Brite™ pegs.

It turns out 11/64″ is just about 4mm. The holes are about 15mm deep. That means 4M fasteners will fit nicely into these holes.

We found a few things in the various parts and tool boxes.

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D21C280B-D23E-4F0B-888A-B6224C43B7B2 1 105 c

Here's one variation using two cotter pins and two thumb screws with oversized heads.

(Yes, the board has three tracks even though Cribbage is usually a two-player game. It's easier to include a third player with this board.)

A common suggestion for hand-made boards seems to be to use rivets. It felt excessive to buy a package of 25 rivets because I need only 6 for a game board.

We'll try M4 machine screws to compare with cotter pins and thumb screws.

We don't keep a detailed record of the overall wins and losses. We're mostly interested in games where a player is left in the lurch. We've had a number of skunk games and — so far — one double-skunk, which involves an epic run of bad hands.

We have a spare board, also. It's a boat. Spares and repairs are our lives.