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Team Red Cruising

It was cold — we fixed things

Broken Bar Door
Broke the plastic catch, lashing it shut

Two weeks ago, I broke the catch of Red Ranger's bar.

Thus lead much swearing. And this clamp-and-webbing catch.

The clamp holds the webbing. The webbing holds the bar.

It's a shabby necessity. A "jury rig."

There are two choices. Replace the "ball and socket catch" (or "stud and socket") with a new one.


Slide Latches
Slide Latches on Bar and Cupboard

Find something else to hold it closed.

Enter the Perko cupboard bolt.

We put one on the bar.

And other on the cabinet aft of the bar which would also — sometimes — fail to remain closed in rough weather on starboard tack.

(When heeled over to port, stuff would sometimes pop out of the cabinet.)

Previously, we'd used a lot of different things to hold the cabinet shut. The best was a giant rubber-coated "gear tie." Holds well, easy to undo. Ugly in the context of teak furniture.

These catches are really nice. But. Visible. This is "finish carpentry." The Scariest Thing On A Boat.

Windlass Cover
Windlass Cover


Meanwhile, I talked CA into making a cover for the windlass.

A brutal undertaking because the thing is irregular in the extreme.


There's no easy way to hold it down.

The base had a few snaps, but they rusted away (mostly.) It's not easily drilling into the teak base right at deck level.

We think (maybe) we can drill tiny holes and force the snaps in with a screwdriver. It's awkward, and we're not sure what's best.

We do know that we don't want anything near there to catch does or anchor lines or chain. The fittings need to be FLAT.

Software Upgrades
Software Upgrade Display on Zeus2

I did this, too, but this is easy. The software (mostly) upgrades itself.

A few devices need some hand-holding up upgrade. But. I think I've got a solid procedure.

Next weekend?

I broke the set screw holding the handle on. That means I can't replace the mixing valve inside. The valve that I replaced ten years ago. The one that's dripping. 10¢ set screw breaks and I have to but in an new $100 fixture.

Old Galley Faucet
Old, drippy galley faucet

I think it was a Delta Classic 100. The base is 10″×2″, which (I think) really limits what can go in there. I think there are a few Delta Classic and Foundations models that will fit in the narrow space available.

The newer models seem to require 2½″ for a one-hole installation. I don't think there's 2½″ between sink and backsplash. I'll be studying the catalog and taking a lot of measurements. I really want the 100-DST. But. 2½″.