To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Guests and Art Projects

Ron and Danielle stopped by to spend the night.

Put that way, it sounds so low-key

Actually, they drove down from Sarasota. A serious undertaking.

The V-berth worked out nicely. It was — for non-sailors — a bouncy night. Seas were 1'-2' and there was a 5-7 kt breeze that kept Red Ranger moving. We had to warn them: a boat at night can be loud relative to a house in rural upstate New York.

Some nights, of course, Red Ranger is silent. Some nights there's the patter of rain on the deck.

And some nights it's blowing 35 and we wake up every time she jerks on the snubber.

We wanted to take them sailing, but the schedule just didn't work out well. They couldn't get here much before 2:00-ish, and there's hardly any afternoon left. Maybe next time we'll be able to slip the mooring and sail around Biscayne Bay for the afternoon.

It appears that Coconut Grove is right up there with Charleston as a great place to have guests. Lots to do. And we can easily go sailing. ICW locations (like New Smyrna Beach) are very nice, but there's no easy way to go sailing.

The Color Card


CA got her Kona Fabrics color card.

Now she knows what she's ordering online. It's difficult to make a fabric choice based on the colors shown on a web page.

  • How accurate was their scanner calibration? You assume a fabric company would spent time on that, but you don't really know.

  • How did they map the color to the RGB space that's used on the web? There's a subset of RGB that's "web safe" where most browsers will handle it. Did they map to web safe or did they map as accurately as possible?

  • How accurate is the display calibrated? Modern Apple Retina displays are supposed to be very good. But, there can be variations.

Collaborating on color selection is difficult. The client's view of the Kona web site may not be all that accurate. It almost seems like CA needs to buy samples and mail the samples to the client so the client can mail them back after confirming the colors.

A Tiny Quilt as a decorating accent may have to precisely fit an existing color scheme.

IMG_2317 ""

Here's our view of Coconut Grove.