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Team Red Cruising

Ewww Gross

The guys at the boatyard called it "muck". It's the rotten wood sandwiched inside the foredeck.

There's more than what's showing in the picture.

Okay, so there was some rot. We knew that going in to the deal. It's a bit more rot than we'd hoped. But, we had lowered our bid based on the certain knowledge that some work had to be done.

Once the muck was cleaned out and they located dry, firm, original wood, all we had left was a gaping area with the top layer of plastic skin cut away. On the port side it goes back almost 10 feet.

What you see in this picture is the lower layer of skin, drying out in the shed. It needs to have a new layer of core material built over it. Then the original plastic skin can be reassembled. And painted.

The total area of devastation on the foredeck is something like 22 square feet. There's an area around the mast that adds another 4 or 6 square feet of rework.

We think the mast repair will fix a long-standing leak. And it will probably address something the riggers noticed: the mast was not set in the deck properly. It's not clear of rotten core would be the cause of mast issues or the rotten wood is the result of a mis-installed mast.

Plus the stern has another few square feet of spongy wood. We don't have pictures of that. Yet.

These are the biggest repairs we're contemplating. Hopefully, they won't get any bigger.