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Diesel Fuel Consumption

Not on the boat. Not near the boat. But. Thinking boaty thoughts.

Boulder City, NV, is the home of the Hoover Dam. There are lots of things related to trains and heavy construction. Including an ancient poster for a 65-horse-power diesel engine that consumed "0.44 pounds of fuel per horse-power hour."


Many things.

First. Pounds of Fuel per hour. Pounds of fuel. Had to look it up. Diesel is 7.2 pounds per gallon. Our 75± gallon tanks carry about 540 pounds of fuel. Or, as we know it in the sailing world, ballast.

Second. Horse-power hour. Interesting unit. We think of boat engines in RPM's. The pitch of the propellor maps RPM to forward distance in an almost-but-not-quite direct way.

But. The real fuel rate is based on Horsepower which isn't directly tied to RPM's. Okay. That's interesting.

That's this interesting:

$G = 2.33 \times (\frac{R-1000}{200})^{0.32}$

Which is what?

Gallons per hour, G, is a quick lookup from RPM's, R.

I don't know how accurate this is (yet.)

But it fills the boat-shaped hole in my heart for a few hours this weekend.

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