To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Annapolis Sailboat Show

Wow, what a party.

We've been going to the sailboat show on and off for over 10 years. Before going to the US Sailboat Show, we went to Annapolis just to hang around. Once, we went to the smaller Bay Bridge Boat show, which was probably our first time actually looking at boats.

A sailboat show is about optimism. It's about the future. It's about dreams and visions. What do you want your world to become?

It's about problems and solutions.

Problem 1. Our fuel filters are contaminated with goo — probably bacteria or algae. This means our fuel is none too clean, either.

RCI Technologies had a solution that removed mostly water. Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply had a more complete solution, however, based on Parker|Racor equipment. They had a dual Racor 500 (the Turbine Series 75/500MAX10) and the Fuel Polishing Module (basically a fancy pump.) Comparison chart.

The idea is to replace our small (and fairly complex) pair of filters with larger (and simpler) filter manifold. This requires moving some plumbing around, but there are ABYC flexible fuel line hoses that make this possible. We can add the FPM into the fuel circuit to allow "polishing" the fuel by pumping through the filters.

The work-around is to keep switching filters. Expensive, but manageable. Associated Diesel has bulk discounts making filters cheaper by the dozen.

Problem 2. Our dinghy davits are bashed to crap. These can be replaced by Kato Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, Forespar, Edson, Martek, Hurley. Lots of choices here. Instead of replacing, we might be able to engineer a solution which uses some kind of cross-beam to stabilize the davits. Perhaps some better u-bolts to hold them to the lifelines.

The work-around is to tow the dinghy or store it on deck. Rather than repair or replace the davits, we may decide to remove them.

Problem 3. Our dinghy may be damaged beyond repair. The Apex Roll-up looked nice. Hopefully, Scout just had some air squeezed past the valves. Or, perhaps some small patching is all that's required.

Problem 4. Our batteries may not be charging properly. Some folks from ZRD said that they could assemble a revised electrical system for us: new batteries, new alternator, new charger, new alternator. Hopefully, belt tightening and belt replacement will work for now.

Problem 5. Our foredeck hatch leaks. We can replace it with a nice Vetus or Lewmar hatch. Or, we can have the lens replaced by Atkins and Hoyle or Select Plastics. Gerry (of The Incredible Hull) suggests replacement. The guy we met from Select Plastics, also suggests replacement because our original hatches tend to bend slightly over time. However, a new lens is quick and simple. Or, we may rebed the existing lens ourselves with Dow Corning 999A (or 795) or GE SCS2000.

Plus, there were all those other shiny things: the Standard Horizon Matrix GX 2100 radio. A snatch-block for the mizzen staysail. New bowls for oatmeal in the morning. A tool-belt/ditty-bag thing. Rain jackets.

Nothing makes the future look quite so bright as a trade show.