S.Lott — Fiction


All of these are copyrighted works of Steven F. Lott. You may read them, but all rights are reserved. Most of the screenplays are WGA registered. If you want more information on rewrites, production or publication, you must contact the author, Steven F. Lott.

Available Screenplays:

  1. Red Ranger: A Love Story.  Drama.  A couple’s struggles with love and life and the sailboat Red Ranger.

  2. The Iron Star.  Fantasy.  An ancient and powerful artifact is the object of all out war between two magicians. They ruthlessly exploit friends, associates and other magicians, promising wealth or power, but delivering death and misery.

  3. Salvage.  Drama. Down on his luck SCUBA diver tries to salvage mysterious contraband dropped in the Atlantic Ocean.  Desperate to pay off loans, he tangles with the mob and almost sacrifices his friends and his family.

  4. Charter.  Drama. A former model, now a rising executive on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean is stalked by both her husband and a co-worker. She is forced to take drastic action to save herself and her company.

Novel and Screenplay:

  1. Bloody Rock. Sci-Fi. A space freighter pilot is enmeshed in espionage with a beautiful Marine officer. They escape from the enemy only to be caught in the bloodiest ambush of the war. Too many of their decisions go tragically wrong. A novel (105,170 words) and a screen play.  Contact meAmazon Kindle. Nook or eBook. Serialized.

Coming Screenplays:

  1. The Outsiders. Martial Arts.

  2. Horror Trilogy

  3. -The Haunter

  4. -The Haunter II: The Lurking Fear

  5. -The Haunter III: Charles Dexter Ward

SitCom Teleplays:

The show is called A Fistful of Bytes.  So far, there are two episodes.

  1. Breasts or Legs.

  2. The Router has Landed.

Children’s Theater:

  1. Rip Van Winkle.


  1. Blunt Instrument.  2007.