To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

2011 Circumnavigating the DelMarVa Peninsula

Eleven days. 386 Nautical Miles. Crab Pots. Grounding. Intermittent Smoke. Zombie Apocalypse. Aliens. We survived it all.

Lewes Racing
"Lewes Racing"
Leaving Lewes
"Leaving Lewes"
More Bridges
"More Bridges"
Canal View
"Canal View"
Zombie Apocalypse
"Zombie Apocalypse"
Nantuxent Cove
"Nantuxent Cove"
Our Neighbors in Whitehall Bay
"Our Neighbors in Whitehall Bay"
Red Ranger At Sea
Red Ranger At Sea
Sunset over NJ
"Sunset over NJ"
I See Your Problem
"I See Your Problem"
The Family
"The Family"
Good News, Honey
"Good News, Honey"
Red Ranger At Sea
Red Ranger At Sea
Another Great Ketch
"Another Great Ketch"
Sunset over Virginia
"Sunset over Virginia"
Aliens vs. Zombies
"Aliens vs. Zombies"
The Cohansey River
"The Cohansey River"
Entering the C&D Canal
"Entering the C&D Canal"
Boats For
"Boats For "
Red Ranger
Red Ranger
This Could Be Yours!
"This Could Be Yours!"
What's That?
"What's That?"
Boat Broken
"Boat Broken"
Northern Bay
"Northern Bay"
The Ferry
"The Ferry"
Wow That's Big!
"Wow That's Big!"
Leaving Smith Point Behind
"Leaving Smith Point Behind"
Floaty Ball at Reedy Point
"Floaty Ball at Reedy Point"
The Ferry
"The Ferry"
There's an App for That
"There's an App for That"
A lot of engineering
"A lot of engineering"
Day 3 -- Kent Island Bridge
"Day 3 -- Kent Island Bridge"
The Crab Pot Remains
"The Crab Pot Remains"
The Thomas Point Lighthouse
"The Thomas Point Lighthouse"
Greenwich Boat Works
"Greenwich Boat Works"
Baltimore Lighthouse
"Baltimore Lighthouse"
Moonrise on the Atlantic
"Moonrise on the Atlantic"
Lewes Delaware
"Lewes Delaware"