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Mast Inspection Report

Riggers called us back today.

(Not them in this picture, it's an old picture of me.)

Steve at the top of the mainmast
Steve at the top of the mainmast

Things up there look really good to the riggers, too.

This news is a huge relief to us. Huge. Relief.

When I went up the mizzen, I was worried about the starboard spreader looking rusty and having a sketchy rivet that's partially popped out.

The rigger pointed out the (now obvious) design feature of spreaders: They're under compression.

The rivet doesn't hold it up or down. It keeps it from pivoting out of position. Otherwise, the spreader is smashed into the mizzen by the shroud.

Ah. Compression.

(I should have known.)

They checked the lights, and reported things I knew: the spreader light is out.

They also fumed at the masthead light (which I just replaced.) It has a secret handshake. There are two breakers: "tri-color" and "anchor". With both on, it goes into strobe-light mode, and blinks. Sometimes this mode is used to signal "need help here." This is what they saw instead of seeing tri-color and anchor.

The anchor light won't go on in daylight, anyway. It can only be checked at night or by putting a hat over the light.


They tols us the rig was in really good shape. Fittings all good. Chainplates good. Spreaders good. Solid. Clean.


Cross that off the list.

Waiting for the canvas work on the dodger.

Then we have to wait out Hurricane Season.