To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Year 2, Week 14: Trudging Along

Started: Big Bay Creek, 39°29.790′N 80°19.523′W

Midnight: 31°21.414′N 80°55.513′W

Log: 83 nm. Time 16 ¾ hr. Engine 14 ¾ hr.

After getting a thorough ass-whooping yesterday, today's weather promises to be the polar opposite. Seas 2-3' Winds 10-15 kts dropping away to nothing.

Yesterday, we were happy to be able to hold onto the boat.

This morning we drifted down the S. Edisto river on the ebb tide. Just like real sailors. We hoisted sails and sailed out into the Atlantic under yankee, main and mizzen. For the first two hours this morning, we were on time to arrive in St. Mary's GA during daylight hours.

Sailing the Whole Way. We might just be able to do it.

We can move around comfortably, today; work on small projects. Put paper towels between the pages of important guide books that got soaked yesterday, for example. Update our cruising log; write blog posts.

We could — if we wanted to put the hammer down — make St. John's river under motor sail. Indeed, we could likely make St. Augustine if we kept the speed up.

For a while it looked like were were going to sail to St. Mary's. The wind was fair and strong enough to carry us there is comfort.


As noted elsewhere: there are three kinds of wind.

Yesterday was too much. About 10:30 it dropped away to too little. Thank God it's not the wrong direction.

We motor-sailed the rest of the day. To keep the speed above 1.8 knots, all we needed to do was idle. So Mr. Lehman slugged along at idle speed. Around 1600 we brought the RPM's up a hair to keep our arrival in St. Mary's before noon.

The full moon rose. Venus left a river of light across the ocean as it set. Mars rose with a little less fanfare.



Attribute Value
Depart Started: Big Bay Creek, 39°29.790′N 80°19.523′W
Waypoint Midnight 31°21.414′N 80°55.513′W
Log 83 nm.
Time 16 ¾ hr.
Engine 14 ¾ hr.