To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Week 35: Annapolis "Waiting"

Currently, Red Ranger should stay anchored at 38°58.586′N 076°28.415′W, Severn River, Annapolis, MD. So far, we have no reason to move.

Once the dodger shows up, we'll move to the dock to get it installed.

Then. Well...

Doing Not Much

For the time being, we're doing not much at all.

Dan, from canvas creations, has been measuring and cutting the steel frame for the new dodger. He makes daily visits. I dinghy over to the yacht club dock, pick up him and his tools and the partially-completed frame. He measures and cuts and studies the structure. I bring him back when he's done.

Other than that, we've been hanging out in Annapolis.

And hanging out on the boat, enjoying the view when the weather is compliant.

And visiting other boats: drinks with the crew of Wind Away up Spa Creek. Our goal of meeting new people has been working out really well. Adopting the "Coffee Shop Lifestyle" of frequenting places—docks, bars, coffee shops—and chatting with folks has been a constant joy.

CA started looking at destinations along the Eastern Shore: St. Michaels, Cambridge, Oxford. I think that's what we'll be doing when we have a new dodger and are ready to start heading down the bay.

Errands Through the Week

Our week is defined by Hollywood showers on shore, laundry, grocery runs and the Wednesday Night Races. Last night they used the red #8 mark on the other side of the river as part of the race course. This meant the entire race fleet had to sail right past us to get to the finish line in Spa Creek. Actually, it was more than sailing past us. We became a navigational hazard.

Because of the direction of the wind, the clever skippers could leverage the "windward-leeward" right of way rules. They could pinch their opponents up until they were aimed straight at Red Ranger. Since the leeward boat has privileges, they could use us to force the windward boat to tack.

We heard at least one exchange among skippers over the windward leeward rules. It was cool.

Chilly and Rainy

Friday and Saturday turned unseasonably cold and windy.

So cold that we decided to run Mr. Lehman to charge the batteries and warm the cabin.

Also, Joie de Vivre arrived from Baltimore and took a mooring. We stopped by for a few rainy moments to say "hello". They're trying to arrange a small Whitby Rendezvous with some of the locals.


We had an epic pizza-grilling party on Saturday might. Bob and Julieanne spread the ingredients out on the solar panel next to the grill. Besides Red Ranger and Mandy, we met the crww from Avanti, plus other boats for which we have no boat cards. Pizza grilling works like this: you make your request, and Julieanne builds that specific pizza. About 12"-14" sliced into many bite-sized pieces. They have a vast array of toppings.

The only restriction? No tomato sauce. Otherwise, anything goes.

Arts District

We've taken up residence in the back table in Starbucks, forming our own little Annapolis Cruisers Breakfast Club. with the various folks who stop by.

Sunday morning we picked up a few goodies at the Farmer's Market. We ran into the crew of Mandy and Joie de Vivre. That's another hint that we're settling in to the community.

We took a long walk through the Annapolis Arts District. Next Sunday will be "First Sunday" where they close off some of the streets up there. We're looking forward to that.

We're hanging in the "South Anchorage," rocking and rolling in the wind and waves. The moorings seem expensive. The creeks seem narrow. Some days it's cold and we wait for the spring weather to return.

The anchorage is starting to attract boats. It had been only Red Ranger. By Sunday morning, there were perhaps four boats near us.

We're doing our part of waiting for Canvas Creations to finish our dodger and Bimini cover.

This Week

Engine Hours: 1. Diesel Gallons: 0. Miles Run: 0.

Read Aloud: The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicles.


Attribute Value
Engine 1. h
Diesel 0. gal
Distance 0. nm