To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Week 34: Annapolis "Chores"

We're here for one purpose: replace Red Ranger's ratty old dodger.

Other jobs, like an oil change, are also important, but not the essential goal.

We're done with the big North-South voyaging for a while, so it makes sense to ease up on the play-by-play travel aspect of this blog.

The super-detailed day-by-day was for folks (like me) who are planning a big voyage and need to know all the details of fuel, food, miles, nights, everything. Most folks can't be bothered to look at the details. Our logs are even more detailed. Really.

For the next few weeks, Red Ranger should stay anchored at 38°58.586′N 076°28.415′W, Severn River, Annapolis, MD. So far, we've seen no reason to move.

Getting Started

On Monday, we had Dan from Canvas Creations take some measurements and consult with us on what kind of dodger he could build for us. We're excited about having a dodger made of high density polyethylene instead of fabric. Dan's been perfecting the designs to eliminate all places were it would wear or degrade.

The weather continued very cold and windy through Wednesday. Sea state was rough. We tended to stay on the boat in the afternoons rather than get soaked trying to take the dinghy into town.

The Annapolis City Dock showers and laundry is handy in some respects and awful in some respects. It's $1.00 to get into the tiny room. Once. If both showers are full, then, well, you're stuck there waiting for a shower to free up. If the laundry machine is in use, you're stuck there until it frees up. Then you're stuck there until your laundry is done. Talk about a living hell: imprisoned in a closet waiting for others to finish showering or laundry (or both).

I guess you would have to bring your books. Try not to act too creepy while waiting in a seriously tiny space. I've stayed in hotels with bigger bathrooms.

The better laundromat is up on Maryland Ave. It's a few blocks to walk with a big bag of laundry, but it's got large front-loading machines, giant dryers, and a bar next door. Don't waste time doing laundry at the City Dock.


Hollywood showers will have to be taken judiciously. We may run the engine to heat up water a little more frequently.

Epic Party

Wednesday night race night is a huge deal around here. We're anchored more-or-less in the thick of things. Erin, Bob and Julieanne brought the beer, CA made veggie burgers and potato salad, and we had a Wednesday Night Race-Watching party.

It was epic. We hope to repeat it for our remaining weeks anchored here.

[Our Canon camera has a tiny smudge in the right side of the frame, only visible at extreme zoom. Not happy.]

Boat Chores

While we're here, CA's going get her various glasses repaired. The sea life is hard on glasses. You always need a spare. When your #1 glasses, with the good prescription, start to break at the temple, it's important to replace them ASAP.

Since we're going to be here for a good long while, I broke out the generator to keep the batteries topped up. I waited until Thursday, when the sea state was flat enough, to run it the first time. Many generators have an oil-pressure switch: they won't run unless very nearly level. We can only use this in one spot on the deck where it's close enough to level.

On Friday, I finally got around to changing the oil. It's a (potentially) messy job. You have to pump 8 qts. of oil out of the block. Plus there's another quart in the injector pump that needs to be drained. There's no easy way to put a funnel under the injector pump to capture the oil. Then the filter has to be replaced. Then 8 quarts in. Plus a quart or so in the injector pump. This time, I managed to avoid major spillage.

Sadly, the most convenient nearby marina wants $10/gallon to dispose of hazardous waste like used oil. $10/gallon. Really? We'll wait until we get to a marina that's more serious about their "Green Marina" policies. By serious, we mean free and accessible.

[This is why a carbon tax is essential: the disposal fee for oil should be part of the purchase price. I bought the oil with the sure knowledge that I would need to recycle it.]

More Cut and Fit


Saturday, we had our second fitting. Dan brought out the first of the steel bows that will replace the old steel on our dodger. He was combining Red Ranger measurements with the measurements he did for Sinbad. Between the two, he's getting a much more accurate sense of the shape of the Whitby 42 cockpit.

CA finished another of her Floating Leaf Tiny Quilt projects.

One of the constraints for the Tiny Quilt projects is the space available for work on the boat. Tiny. She can't make double- or queen-sized bed quilts. They have to be tiny. Which means "focused". If there's a theme it has to be communicated in 16 squares or fewer.

Settling In

After a week, we have a favorite coffee shop (Dock Street Starbucks). It's not the best but we can meet people we know there. There may be better coffee shops, but knowing people is what's most important about morning coffee. We've found a favorite bar (Ram's Head Tavern.)

We've found the closest grocery store (Graul's). It's a bit of a walk, but it's keeping us in supplies.

The good laundromat is n Maryland Ave. The lady who runs Annapolis Post Box totally has our business locked up for shipping and receiving.

This Week

Engine Hours: 1. Diesel Gallons: 0. Miles Run: 0.

Books: Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop, Salt: A World History. Art projects have displaced reading.

Read Aloud: The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicles.


Attribute Value
Engine 1. h
Diesel 0. gal
Distance 0. nm