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Weather Window Again (again)

There's another big Winter Storm pummeling the northeast. Which means cold winds and high seas down here.

This has just shown up in the AMZ450 forecast for St. Mary's, GA.

Tuesday Night And Wednesday North winds 5 to 10 knots. Seas 2 to 4 feet.

And PredictWind has similar details.

Predict Wind Screen Shot
Predict Wind Shows 2' Waves

Ah. This seems like our window. Monday's forecast for AMZ300 (Charleston) is rain (and seas 5 to 6 ft.) But, Tuesday, there's this: Tue NW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

This may be acceptable. The low temps are a chilly 9°C. We can bundle up. It's the sea state we have to manage through patience.

The next zone south, AMZ454, would be the next day, Thursday, which is a little too far into the future to get a good forecast.

This fits with what I called Option 3B.

Option 3B. Two or Three irregular legs.

  1. Charleston to St. Marys. 163 nm 27h. Refuel Charleston Harbor Marina.

  2. St. Marys to Daytona. 112nm 18h. Refuel Port Consolidated Fuel Dock. NOTE evening departure & morning arrival.

  3. Daytona to Key Biscayne. 222nm 37h. Refuel Sea Love Boat Works. NOTE mid-day departure & morning arrival.

The tidal flow in the river is slack on Tue8 at 07:50 AM. We can cast off the lines. Get fuel, and be on our way to St. Mary's before noon. With intent to arrive the next morning or so. Call it noonish.

A 27h trip under power uses just under ½ tank of fuel. With a N wind, though, we can jib-and-jigger and maybe keep the fuel consumption down. Talking with other Whitby's, the power consumption for night sailing (lights, computers, etc., etc.) means the engine is generally on after dark, but sometimes only at idle speed.

If the weather is benign, it's only 18h more to Daytona. This is about ¼ tank of fuel.

It makes the total trip about 45h, which means a potential for arriving 2-3 hrs pre-dawn. If we time our arrival at St. Mary's for noonish, we should avoid a pre-dawn arrival in Daytona. This worked out when we went for Beaufort to Charleston (See Southbound Day 28-29.) It may work out again.