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The Old Bronze God

This was what we use to help fill the water bladder in the dinghy. It must weigh well over a pound. Solid bronze (mostly) with a shiny brass part.

736E46D1-97F4-4A4F-B05B-9C230D90470F 1 105 c
736E46D1-97F4-4A4F-B05B-9C230D90470F 1 105 c

There's a pair of bushings at the bottom to reduce a 1¼″ threaded pipe down to ¾″. Then a male-to-male adapter, a massively sophisticated valve, a nipple, and — finally — a ¾″ NPT to ¾″ GHT adapter.

(NPT = National Pipe Thread. GHT = Garden Hose Thread. Why are they different?)

The actual objective was to have a garden hose at one end and the 1½″ filler for the bladder at the other end.

Seriously. A pound.


The valve is essential. After you've filled the bladder you need to close off the filler, and disconnect the hose so you can take it back to the boat.

Yes, but why bronze?

The bronze was what was available. I think I made this in St. Augustine.

The bronze god is (of course) insane. If you order parts online from McMaster-Carr or Grainger you can get a couple of 1½" plastic hose barb, a bushing, an adapter, and a garden hose valve. It can be plastic and weigh a few ounces. It will make the bladder a little more portable without this mess.