To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

That Big-Ol' Bass


In addition to the Mighty Uke, we have El Guitarron, the big old Tobias acoustic-electric bass.

The bass lived in the V-Berth unless we had guests. Then it sort of rattled around the saloon. An unsatisfactory arrangement.

Now, it has an official hanger on the forward end of the saloon. We screwed some eye straps to the wall to use bungie cord to hold it there. It's out of the way (more or less.) Yet more accessible because it's not buried among pillows and spare sleeping bags in the V-berth.

This makes it much easier to prep the V-berth for guests. The only things that have to be moved are the bikes: they go on deck at the end of the day.

That was it for today. Cleaning and restowing.

We're expecting guests tomorrow.

In the long run — if we ever have crew for longer passages — we need to work out a better solution for bike stowage. One extra crew is easy: they can sleep in the saloon on their off-watch. Two extra crew becomes a bit more complex. We might be forced to stow the bikes on deck.

But for now, the V-berth is clean.