To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Southbound Day 27

We're glad we decided to wait one more day in New Bern.

The wind is still from the N and cold. But it has moderated from Gale force and Storm force down to simply a cold wind. There are only whitecaps in the river under the gusts.

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2B4BD47A-360A-4FC4-BD98-BE760311148C 1 105 c ""

The water in the marina is finally still enough to see a reflection. Tomorrow, Tue9, we're leaving for Beaufort.

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9FF16311-88E4-4053-B3EF-5D2F0852CA4E 1 105 c

Today, we're doing home handicrafts and watching the weather.

CA is making fingerless gloves. It's that cold.

The number of needles and the complexity of the pattern is remarkable.

I redid our snubber. Again. This time I didn't mess with seizing the loop. Seizing is hard to do well with slick synthetic rope.

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83EB2214-6B11-4A0C-A052-373B9F059561 1 105 c

Instead, I wove an eye around the shackle. We'll see how this holds.


We see this for the Hatteras to Cape Fear portion, Tue9 to Wed10:

"…[past] Hatteras wind will be settling from NW-NE under 10k overnight with tame seas"

We see this for the next leg, Cape Fear to St. Mary's, Wed10 afternoon and evening into Thu11 very early morning.

"Mostly motoring Tue9 night-Wed10 then SE winds increase Thu11 morning-midday with travel inclement by Thu11 afternoon-evening. Remains inclement Thu11 night-Fri12."

This is a tight weather window. We're planning on motoring, so we think we can make it into Charleston in good order Thu11 before the wind turns against us.

It's a 34-hour trip. This seems to require starting late in the afternoon, sail night-day-and-night, and arrive early in the morning: a night and day and a night at sea. This seems to fit with Tue9 to Thu11.