To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Some Creature Comforts

Creature comforts include things like food and light and a comfortable bathroom.

After the Painful Fridge-ectomy, we've decided on something like an Engel MT60 Combi fridge. Preserved food, cold beer and ice are some creature comforts.

Next up: the cooker. The door for the oven on our HilleRange is falling off. It's essentially the Seaward Princess 3175; a nice product. Except for the door falling off.

The Commodore wants a Force 10. We've been told that old Force 10's were nicer and new Force 10's are not as well built. This is a pretty reliable assessment from the boatyard guys. However. An oven that's Not As Good As It Used To Be is still no worlds apart from No Working Oven.

We'll have to endure some "it was better in the old days" in order to have the creature comforts of bread, cookies, brownies and pizza.


As we noted in Holiday Gifts 2 - Light, lighting a candle is better than cursing the dark. Looking at video footage from the Volvo Ocean Race, I saw clips where the professionals seemed to be wearing their headlamps around all the time. Cool, but not for us.

I've been slowly replacing old florescent fixtures with new LED fixtures. So far, four Aqua Signal Malagas have been replaced with Maputo fixtures. And one weird fixture replaced with a Dr. LED Cobra.

The forward head installation was not simple. The shower track didn't leave enough room for the fixture. I took the Dremel to the thing and ground away about ⅜" to ½" of plastic so that the shower curtain could slide all the way around the track.

Yes. It leaves a hideous hole in the light. But I think it's the kind of thing that can be plastered over with white rigging tape.

The Head

The heads had big teak toilet paper holders. Big. Teak. And wide-open to getting splashed when someone took a shower.

We removed the big teak structures and put up smaller, covered, plastic structures. That way, the entire roll isn't ruined during a shower.


CA relocated the TP holder in the aft head so that the locker behind the MSD (Marine Sanitation Device) would actually open all the way.

That way we have more comfortable access to a locker.

Accessible lockers is a creature comfort, too, I guess. Maybe lower priority than hot food, cold storage and light.