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Team Red Cruising

Propane Problem: Pressure but no Flow

Here are the symptoms: full pressure and no flow.

Pressure gauge reads 80 psi just like normal.

Propane solenoid clicks just like normal.


No gas. Zero. Nothing flowing.

Here's the secret: turn the gas off at the cylinder. Disconnect it. Wait for the gas to hiss out. Reconnect it, turn the gas on. Listen. Pressure goes up to about 80 psi, just like normal and then there's this little "click" inside the cylinder.

The too-much-too-fast safety device just clicked in. The tank's runaway gas safety valve just flipped closed because the gas was flowing too quickly.

We've seen this a few times when it's been very, very cold.

Today, we took just about everything in the propane system apart: pressure regulator, solenoid, various bits of plumbing. Everything seemed to be working perfectly. Everything.

But no gas.

Some research online revealed a procedure that will likely make the safety valve happier.

  1. Turn off the gas. Open the fittings. Let it all bleed away.

  2. Turn on the solenoid so gas could flow to the appliance.

  3. Open the cylinder valve very slowly. Very slowly. Slowly ease it through the first turn or so. Let the pressure rise slowly.


What don't you hear? You don't hear that internal click of the runaway gas safety valve shutting.

New Stereo

After sorting that mess out, I could finish cutting holes in the woodwork to install the new stereo. The Fein Multimaster did an elegant job of taking out a hole that was almost exactly the right shape and size.

Once the hole was open, I could connect up the wiring harnesses: power and speakers, antenna, USB and ignore the bunch of other connectors for subwoofers and what-not that we don't have.


And now we have a stereo that will connect to an iPhone wirelessly. And it receives local FM stations without a lot of hiss and noise. It apparently will also receive VHF WX channels for marine weather. The USB connection allows us to "burn" a "mix tape" of tunes on a USB flash-drive and plug that into the stereo as a music source, also.

And it's elegantly small enough that it fits into a piece of paneling that previously was just blank wood. The old stereo is gone and that frees up some storage in another cabinet.

Merry Christmas to Red Ranger.