To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Ph. VI, day 18, Last Day

Sitting on the hard.

Here's the checklist.

Steel Wool
Water goes through, bugs don't
checklist: lay up

Maintenance tasks:
- [x] buy window screening -- To cover the openings in the cockpit
- [x] buy 6 metal scrub pads -- To fill the through hulls to prevent wasps
- [x] ditch the generator
- [x] ditch the jerrycans
- [x] ditch flag
- [x] buy dehumidifier (lowes)

Day 1:
- [x] stow water hose (lazarette)
- [x] stow sail covers
- [x] stow bimini (V-berth)
- [x] wash deck
- [x] wash sail covers
- [x] wash bimini
- [x] thank you card for Tina
- [x] stow sails (V-berth)
- [x] oil change
- [x] rinse anchor chain
- [x] wash Scout
- [x] tidy v-berth for sail storage

Day 2:
- [x] stow Scout's propane tank (cockpit)
- [x] remove batteries from small lights (dinghy, etc)
- [x] stow zinc fish
- [x] stow dock lines (lazarette)
- [x] stow fenders (forward head)
- [x] stow life sling and throwable (V-berth)
- [x] stow Scout (main cabin, behind closet) or bring her to Hendersonville with both the power and manual inflaters

Day 3:
- [ ] take out recycling
- [x] cover dorades
- [x] stow outboard (cockpit)
- [x] plug exterior holes against wasps
- [x] water batteries
- [x] empty Nature's head
- [x] lubricate port lights

As leaving:
- [ ] disconnect solar panels
- [ ] turn off propane
- [ ] cover fixed port lights and hatches
- [ ] empty urine jug
- [ ] unplug Nature's head
- [ ] turn off the refrigerator and leave lid open
- [ ] take out trash
- [ ] lock the companionway
- [ ] stow ladder
- [x] rig dehumidifier
- [x] Rig AC fan
- [x] open all lockers

Tomorrow we leave for Sanibel Island to visit Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

Then back to find the truck in Charleston.

Sails and Stuff in the Saloon
Sails and Stuff in the Saloon