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Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Ph. IV, day 3, Lower Matecumbe Key

Our third day of "day sailing" to go island hopping. (Again, not actually sailing, the wind was on the nose, so it was a 5-hour motor.)

Lower Matecumbe Key
Posh homes on Lower Matecumbe Key

We're anchored at 24°51.762′N 080°44.516′W, not far from Lower Matecumbe Key. There's a little sandbar for a little sandbar party. But It's Monday, so not much party action.

Today's big milestone was crossing 2,000 miles in the chart plotter's log.

Passing 2000 Miles
Passing 2000 Miles

The sea state was "lumpy" -- in the morning, we rolled and bounced around. It had started to settle in the afternoon. Once we got "inside" the keys, of course, it's totally flat, and quite nice.

Tomorrow, it will be gusting into the 20's. So we're not going anywhere.

Wednesday, it will be a little nicer, adn we can make the five hour journey to Marathon and Vaca Key.


Attribute Value
Depart Rodriguez Key 25°03.500′N 080°26.734′W
Arrive Lower Matecumbe Key 24°51.762′N 080°44.516′W
Distance 30 nm
Time 5h 20m
Engine 5h 20m