To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Ph. IV, day 25, The Conch Republic

Moved! We're now docked in Slip A-15 at the Key West Bight Marina. Our location is 24°33.775′N 81°48.0516′W.


We're at a dock. This means several things.

  • We moved from the mooring field.

  • Top off the water. We're down about 50 gallons in the port tank. This means we still have 150 gallons of water.

  • Top off the fuel. We're at about 18 gallons left in the fuel tank.

  • Do laundry. We have a gigantic volume of clothes that we've been accumulated since Stuart.

This isn't free. It's $3.75 per foot of boat. About $157.50 per day.

Behind us are someyachts that are probably paying at least $300 per day.


Maneuvering in close quarters is scary. Especially when I'm trying to read the little signs on the finger piers looking for one that says "A-15."

It took me a while to see the tiny sign. I had gone a hair too far, which means I hit reverse too hard while trying make the turn. The bow started spinning and we were drifting into the boat in the next slip.

After a lot of reverse, barely missing the fuel dock, I was able to get us back under control. We went back out, circled around, and ...

Catamaran! An immense catamaran was cozying up to the fuel dock. That means half the fairway is tied up with a boat. Making a good, clean turn isn't happening until they're done taking on fuel.

So we circled. And circled. Maybe a half hour. Maybe more.

After the cat departed we could try again.

This time, I knew which slip. I generally put the bow toward the middle of the slip and mash reverse until she stops and pivots. I can then use a tiny bit of forward to aim for the far corner of the slip. I don't need much forward (unless there's wind or current.) Somewhere I was told to try and align the forward edge of the boat parallel with the dock or finger pier.

CA said it was -- perhaps -- one of my finest dockings. I bumped nothing. I managed to get all the way off when she was close enough for CA to step ashore with a midships line.

A few clove hitches later, we're ready to start our dock chores.

Beginning with changing the injector pump oil. It's a tiny job, not very messy. But the injector pump needs its oil changed every 50 hours, and it's been a bit more than that.

The main engine oil still has maybe 50 more hours to go. So, we won't touch it.


Attribute Value
Depart Garrison Bight Mooring Field 24°34.704′N 081°47.151′W
Arrive Key West Bight Marina Slip A-15 24°33.775′N 81°48.0516′W
Distance 5 nm
Time 1h 20m
Engine 1h 20m
Maintenance Change injector pump oil