To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Ph. IV, day 23, The Conch Republic

Remaining moored in the Garrison Bight Mooring Field. Our location is 24°34.704′N 081°47.151′W.

Checking the Balls
Morning Check of the Balls

The weather has started to moderate.

Small Craft Advisories for the last five days have kept us out of the dinghy, and sitting on Red Ranger.

Here's yesterday's ("Sat23") forecast:

SW FL (between KeyWest and FtMyers):
ENE-ESE@12-24g30/4-7' today;
E-ESE@10-20g25/3-6' Sun24;
E-SE@10-20g24/3-6' Mon25;
Variable E-SE@5-17g22/2-4' Tue26;
L&V/0-2' Wed27

Nothing less than 3-6' seas until Tuedsay the 26th. We'll be moving to a marina slip on Tuesday, the 26th for water, laundry, groceries, and fuel. We'll malinger there through Wednesday and the flat calm

The Cockpit Box

The Cockpit Box
The small small things

There are a lot of small things that are part of sailing. Binoculars can be small. Dinghy Keys. The SPOT locator is tiny. Phones -- which are useful for coastal cruisers like ourselves. Sailing gloves. Sunglasses.

Snackies, too. We find it helps to keep our blood sugar up to avoid sea-sickness. So we have different kinds of snackies in the basket. It keeps these things from rolling around in a heavy sea-way. We have a little twist of string and a clingy pad under it to keep it in place.

It's very handy. I highly recommend it.