To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Packed (D-2 day)

We're ready.

Friday was D-3 (3 days before departure.) CA unloaded all the cabinets, emptied all the furniture, and stacked things around the apartment. The galley is closed. No more food in the apartment.

Boxes waiting
Boxes to be shipped to Las Vegas

Saturday (today) is D-2. We have a U-Haul scheduled. Furniture to Goodwill.

Here are the the six boxes, ready to be shipped.

These are things we don't want to replace or stow on the boat. We don't think we fit this into the car, either.

Food and Tools
Food and Tools

Here's the start of the car pile.

This is a small stack of things too fragile or too important to ship. Or (in the case of the guitars) too awkward to deal with.

This pile will be supplemented with all the computers, enough clothes for the trip, and the guitars.

So far, it looks doable.

Sunday, D-1, will be final cleaning of Red Ranger, and the final stowage for the coming year.

Monday is D-day. Hopefully, what we have left will fit in the car and we'll shoot through Maryland and Pennsylvania to Ohio.