To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Non-Boat Weekends

We're in the middle of a string of off-the-boat weekends. Sigh.

Visiting the family in Texas for the Commodore's father's 81st birthday. (Happy birthday, Bill!)

Visiting our kids in LA (Los Feliz, really) for a Pan-Holiday celebration that includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali, Nevada Day, and (perhaps) even more holidays we hadn't been aware of.

Many friends and (former) marina neighbors are headed south:

  • Bill and Deidre of Pajito are on the Caribbean 1500.

  • Brooke and Susan are off on their own in Liquid Therapy, and blogging up a storm.

  • JT and Robin are working on Fortuna. (Okay, they're not headed south. Like us, they're still working for a living; and working on their boat.)

  • Randy and Diane are heading south in Sinbad as part of the Salty Dog Rally.

  • Fawkes (Dave and Nancy) is long gone. Nancy's Blog.

  • Tom's got Monday Morning pretty far south, too.

While we're off in Texas and California, Red Ranger boat jobs are piling up.

  1. The final steps in removing the brightwork and putting lavish amounts of epoxy filler inside the hazmat locker. Diane of Sinbad was specific on using "lavish" amounts of filler. I slathered in a lot of MarineTex Gray. That was two weeks ago. We're hoping to get back to the boat to check out how well the voids are filled. Next up: attach the locker lids and work out some kind of latch or closure that's cooler than the old hasps. For example, a Perko Flush Deck Latch seems nicer than a hasp.

  2. One of the galley lights is out. Another galley light sucks down the amperes. There's no good light for the interior of the fridge. Plus, I want to upgrade the lights in the head. I'm a fan of the Aqua Signal Maputo lights, which are pretty easy to install, seem reliably built and thrifty on the amperes. We're going to try an "eyeball" light over the fridge door. And we're going to see how a "Tigress" LED strip works. If it's not good in the galley, we'll find a place for it somewhere.

  3. We have to find a place to stow our new K-Rock Folding Bikes (thanks Sinbad for a great deal!)

And the final indignity is having to move this Blog from the soon-to-be-defunct to it's new home on