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Team Red Cruising

New GoPower 55W Panels

After removing a random pile of solar panels, here's what we have on the foredeck. Two little 4′×1′ super thin panels. Super thin. Tiny.

F03007F2-4812-42E0-825E-EA381318B9AD 1 105 c
F03007F2-4812-42E0-825E-EA381318B9AD 1 105 c ""

Right now, they're lashed to the handles. I may put four small holes in the deck, filled with butyl tape and put in screws to hold it down.

BC2D39FB-6C15-4B98-80F0-902F20FDDB08 1 105 c
BC2D39FB-6C15-4B98-80F0-902F20FDDB08 1 105 c

Here's the joy we have.

9.3A charging. Call it 140W from 426W of panels and low morning sun that leaves parts of the panels in shade.

When we lived in the Bahamas for a few weeks back in 2013, I was excited to be charging at 3.3A.

The new GoPower panels are flatter, lighter, and have the little bump of electronics on the top, not the bottom. And. Best of all. They have proper MC4 connectors, allowing seamless integration with other solar array components.

Big. Yay.

On a gray and overcast day, at 3PM I noticed the controller had switched into trickle charge mode. The panels are making 3.5A. The controller has this throttled down to about 0.1A.

All I have is this pile of stuff left over:

060DFCAF-34FC-4B96-ABA9-C4BAA4B6555C 1 105 c
060DFCAF-34FC-4B96-ABA9-C4BAA4B6555C 1 105 c ""

Yes. those are ends of pre-terminated wires that were too long. Lesson learned. Don't buy pre-terminated. Buy bulk wire and crimp on your own MC4 connectors.