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Team Red Cruising

Midship Cleats

Upgraded our mid-ship cleats.

5E949426-4DCF-46E1-8BE6-EE805935AECA 1 105 c
5E949426-4DCF-46E1-8BE6-EE805935AECA 1 105 c
49638240-85F4-4D8D-B53E-C72D90BF684D 1 105 c
49638240-85F4-4D8D-B53E-C72D90BF684D 1 105 c

Here's a picture of one of the old 6½″ cleats.

Good for ½″ line. Rock solid.

You can see the new dock line behind the cleat. It's ⅝″ and you can't really make a proper clove hitch around the little cleat.

Here's the new, larger 7½″ cleats. This comfortably handles the large dock lines.

We haven't really needed these. We've been able to make do.

One of the old ½″ lines was looking a bit too ratty for CA.

The line was closing in on 10 years of use. It's well past time to look ratty.

Since we bought new, larger lines, it's time to have new, larger cleats. It makes it easier to sleep soundly.