To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Loading (almost) Complete

Here's how we stand on day D-1. We don't have everything in there, yet, but it looks like we might succeed.

Packing the Truck
Packing the Truck

There's some rom abaft of the wheel wells for the bed, table, and the two folding chairs we're keeping.

The other IKEA furniture — table, office chair, rocking chair, and Poäng lounge chair — went to the donation center this morning.

When we moved out here, we shipped boxes and packed a few things into a Toyota Corolla. The truck is more like Red Ranger: plenty of stowage.

And yes. we're packed to the actual roof. Things are wedged against the cap.

D-day plan is:

  1. Run out for breakfast (there's nothing to eat here and nothing to eat with.)

  2. Roll up the futon and see if we can jam it into the truck. We think there's room, but this is a big unknown. If it fits, we can also put in the table and chairs.

  3. A lot of stuff fits in the back seat. Guitars. Computers. Suitcases. Bag of snacks and lunch fixings.

  4. Drop off the keys.

  5. Depart, bound for Cedar City, UT. It's only about three hours away. But. It's sort of the last stop before the Rockies. We think it's a good idea to leave a full day for getting through the mountains.

The next few days should play out like this:

D+1 bound for Denver, CO.

D+2 bound for Salina, KS.

D+3 bound for St. Louis, MO.

D+4 bound for London, OH (near Columbus).

D+5 bound for McLean, VA.

We suspect the tricky part is getting food along the way. We're pretty sure we can find rooms in Holiday Inn Express. But we're not sure about locating take-out options in the various towns.