To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Inventory Reduction 2

We're down to the final week of land-based living.

The. Final. Week.

The "I ♥ New York" room was cleared out, along with one of the cars.
That was the first major phase of the Inventory Reduction.


The next major phase is the contents of the "Vegas, Baby" room.
The U-Haul U-Box Pod shows up Wednesday.
All the stuff that seems to be of some value to the kidlings will go in there, and the two of them can parse through it and fight over it at their leisure.


It'll be a bit of a problem for Xander, since he has to drive from LA to Vegas to pick through the detritus of our shabby lives. But. If he wants the Polk speakers and Denon AVR receiver, that's what he's going to be forced to do.

One challenge for us will be giving up the Airport Extreme base station on Wednesday but not leaving the apartment until Friday. Two days with somewhat limited internet connectivity. What will we do? Cope: (a) Either of the macs can act as a wi-fi network base, (b) we have an iPhone wi-fi hub capability, also.

Once the U-Box Pod is gone, we have the last of the Red Ranger candidate stuff to sift through.


For years, we saved bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns. On paper. Mountains of paper.

When we moved here, we discarded all the paper that was too big for an Ikea Galant. Now we've got to make the final cut and reduce the paper down to a few folders that fit (somewhere) in Red Ranger.

Since I've been working from home, I've saved proposals and project documents. On paper. I had an extensive technical library. Now largely obsolete. And on paper.

Friday morning, we'll make the final drop-off at a CHKD thrift store.

Tool purgatory doesn't end this week, however. it goes on for a few more weeks.

Friday, we turn in the apartment keys and we're off to Deltaville. We'll be there until September 28th or 29th. That's when the final tool purgatory decisions have to get made. The truck stays in Deltaville for a while.

In October (between about 12th and 21st) we'll be back in Norfolk. We'll try to find someone to drive us up to Deltaville to recover the truck. We'll try to sell it to a local Ford dealer.