To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Interior Work: Galley and Portlights

CA bought a magnetic knife holder to put with her refinished cutting board.

Getting the backing plate away from the magnet is not fun. You have to commit to pulling them apart without wavering in the least. If you hesitate, that piece of steel will take chunks out of your finger-tips.

Cutting Board and Knife Rack
CA's new magnetic knife rack

She started measuring and stopped to laugh for a while.

"I almost asked for the level," she said. "Why would I use the carpenter's level in here? We still have a ¾ tank of fuel. Nothing is level."

A couple of pencil dots and some drilling after that and she's got a place for the knives.

She made me put the big magnet bar onto the backing plate. It does jump out of your hands, that's for sure.

Next up?

The Beckson port lights have rubber gaskets. We think the original gaskets might have dated from the 80's. They leaked.

We tried to replace them and did a terrible job. We didn't really read the instructions carefully enough.

Beckson Portlight Gasket
New Portlight Gaskets -- pounded in with a hammer -- really

This time, CA read the instructions to me several times to make sure I totally understood what was going to happen.

See for the details.

She called out two important points about this process.

First, Step 3, "Find a polycarbonate (rigid plastic) or hardwood headed mallet." We did not do this before. It turns out, this is critical. Forcing it in with your fingers doesn't work well. Eventually, you get them in, but, they're not quite right and you have to crush them flat to get them not to leak.

Also, Step 8 has two parts, and they are out of order.

Step 8(a) should be "CLEAN AND DRY THE SCREEN OR BACKUP RING…" Do this after you finish the top two corners but before you try the bottom two corners.

Step 8(b) should be "So, continue around the window body…" Do this after you put the screen in.

We used a heat gun to warm them up before putting them in. That seems to work out well, also.

We think we may have done the first two correctly. Ten more to go.

Something in the entertainment system has stopped working. It appears that I no longer have power to the Fusion stereo. Circuit breaker appears OK; power is available at the panel. I have a little connection strip that's almost — but not quite — inaccessible under the stereo. I need to pull that out and see if something's come loose or corroded and leading to a faulty connection.