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Impeller Saga

Our Heat Pump/Air Conditioner was made originally by Cruisair, inc. That company was purchased by Dometic. Our heat pump's raw-water pump was made by a third party. Where are they now?

Question 1: who has impellers? I tried WrightMarine, a more-or-less random choice of a large installer in Florida. They don't do spare parts and suggested Tesco Pumps. Folks from Tesco, helpfully, checked and suggested a new pump since they don't have parts, either.

A little digging turned up the fact that the pump was actually built by Taylor Made. When Dometic acquired Cruisair, it appears they also acquired the pump division of Taylor Made.

Okay so far. After a bunch of emails, we're onto the right track: Dometic. And Dometic responds to emails almost instantly. Nice. The part is almost a 334080, IMPLR PML500B, PML500 Impeller, 2 1/4" (Black old style). Almost.

Right up until the "call Mike" part of the email. There's nothing wrong with a phone call. I just prefer email because of the associated slower pace and built-in log. But Lamy Marine does seem to have an email address in addition to a phone number. No web site, though.

A few phones calls to Rush at Lamy Marine and we should be in good shape. Right? Right?

It's not so simple. The part which arrived today (2/21/11) the "new style" impeller. I've since emailed Lamy the picture on the top of this blog post.

They were nice about ordering another one. And they were nice about crediting me for both useless impellers that Dometic sent them.

Bottom line? Pump is dead. We'll need to replace it with a March LC-3CP-MD.