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Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Home Office

New Furniture arrived at the Team Red offices this afternoon. No more $45 folding tables from Staples (which aren't available anymore). We're moving up to real AnthroCart tables.

The instructions have "helpful assembly tips" I wish the tips included these.

  • Stop drinking at least an hour before trying to assemble these expensive things.

  • Find all of the boxes and put them near each other. Squatting over a half-finished table shouting for someone to bring you the "other thingy" is unprofessional and rude.

  • Don't throw stuff away until you're actually done. Rooting through the dumpster for the wheels is lame. You were warned.

  • Be sure you have enough light. If you think you're going to plug your desk lamp in, you're wrong. You're building your new desk -- think -- where will the lamp go?

  • Consider turning off your phone so you can actually finish the job before getting distracted by yet another help-desk call from a nimrod who poured a latte into their keyboard and claimed the web site was "erratic", but spelled it wrong in the trouble ticket (keyboard wasn't working) and caused a full-blown security alert.

Sadly, the real helpful tips aren't as colorful.